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[Commlist] cfp: Cross-pollination: Literature, Journalism, Literary Journalism

Mon Jul 27 22:50:06 GMT 2020

Cross-pollination: Literature, Journalism, Literary Journalism

Cadernos de Literatura Comparada, nr 44 (June 2021)

Call for contributions

Guest editors: Jorge Bastos da Silva (University of Porto) and Isabel Soares (University of Lisbon)

Intersections between literature and journalism are manifold. Common ground both depends and bears on a set of shared technologies, ranging from verbal language itself to the material resources of manuscript, print and digital communication. Over the centuries, many writers of literature have been professional journalists and learned from the trade – and vice-versa. Periodical publications regularly report on literary activity, even when that is not their main focus, and a number specialize in following literary writing old and new by means of critical reviews, interviews, etc. Simultaneously, literary journalism, understood as a distinctive genre of long narrative non-fiction, or journalism written with a literary flair, has established its ground and produced a canon of acknowledged writers and won a Nobel.

This issue of Cadernos de Literatura Comparada addresses the connections between literature and journalism from an international, plurivocal perspective. We welcome articles that cover any of the topics relevant to the general theme of the issue, including (but not limited to) the following:

. literature, journalism and the professionalization of writing
. literature, journalism and the ethics of writing
. the relationship between fiction and non-fiction
. the genres of literature and the genres of journalism
. (literary) writers and/in the press
. writing techniques in literature and journalism
. verbal and visual: writing, illustrating, photographing, mapping, graphing
. historical approaches to literature and journalism
. the (literary) writer and the journalist as intellectuals
. forms of writing, social diagnosis and social change

Communication and Media Studies scholars are welcome to contribute.

Articles will be accepted in English, Portuguese and French.

The journal will also have its usual “Varia” section.

Proposals of book reviews may also be sent to the editors of this issue.

Cadernos de Literatura Comparada does not expect any payment from authors.

E-mail: (cadernospreviewjune /at/ <mailto:(cadernospreviewjune /at/>

Submission preparation checklist:

Deadline for the submission of contributions: 31 January 2021.

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