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[Commlist] Film Matters 10.3 published

Wed Jul 08 09:00:43 GMT 2020

Intellect is pleased to announce that Film Matters10.3 is out now!

For more information about the issue and journal, click here >> <>

*Aims & Scope*

Film Mattersis an exciting peer-reviewed film magazine, celebrating the work of undergraduate film scholars. It is published by students and for students and each issue contains feature articles, a healthy reviews section, and occasional pieces such as profiles of film studies departments or resources and opportunities that undergraduate scholars can pursue.

*Issue 10.3*



Editorial: Remembering John Pruitt (1952–2019) <>

Liza Palmerand Tim Palmer


/Paris Is Burning/: Intersectionality in 90s Queer Cinema <>

Tara Brew

Valerie the Vampire Slayer: Abjection, the Czech New Wave, and Feminist Interventions <>

Alexandra Coburn


History of Terror: The Non-Hammer Horror Period Piece and British National Identity <>

Joe Day

Purple Reign: The Contradictory Use of the Royal Color Purple in Disney’s Animated Villains <>

Suzi Fera

I Ain’t Afraid of No Remake: Exploration of the Financial, Marketing, and Societal <>

Failure of /Ghostbusters: Answer the Call/ <>

Jason Husak

Cyborg Feminism: Ambiguity and Hybridity of the Female Cyborg in /Metropolis/ <>

Madi Margolis

Threshold Figures: The Babysitter in American Film <>

Sarah Matthews

“Utter the flood of feeling”: Melodrama and Musical Score in Douglas Sirk’s /Written on the Wind (1956)/ <>

Alyson E. Picard

Exploring the Relationship of the Geography and People Through Composition in the Films of Abbas Kiarostami <>

Parul Tiwari

Critical Anti-Realism in Chinese Postsocialist Films /Chicken Poets/ (Meng Jinghui, 2002) and /Asia One/ (Cao Fei, 2018) <>

Justine Xi



Based on Actual Events Introduction <>

Fabrizio Cilento

Cultural Hybridity and Biopics on Artists of Mexican Heritage: /La Bamba/, /Selena/, and /Frida/ <>

Nathan Simms

/Rise: Ini Kalilah/: The Challenges of Defining a Multicultural Malaysian Identity <>

Kai Y. Leong

The Philosophy of Documentary and Michael Moore’s /Bowling for Columbine/ <>

Hannah Holwayand Lucy Bolton

Hawking2: A Retrospective on Adaptation <>

Katharine R. Chamberlain


The Indonesian Massacre as Perceived by the Lens: /The Year of Living Dangerously, /Pengkhianatan G30S/PKI, 40 Years of Silence: An Indonesian Tragedy, The Act of Killing, and /The Look of Silence / <>

Jemma Detwiler


/Sisters/ (1972) <>

Bill Friedell

/New Nonfiction Film: Art, Poetics, and Documentary Theory/, Dara Waldron (2018) <>

Keara Kobzowicz


/No Other Way to Tell It: Docudrama on Film and Television/, Derek Paget (2013) <>

Kai Y. Leong


/Docudrama Performs the Past: Arenas of Argument in Films Based on True Stories/, Steven N. Lipkin (2011) <>

Nathan Simms


/Why Docudrama?/, Alan Rosenthal (1999) <>

Michelle Winegardner


Digesting the Indigestible: Narrative, Guilt, and Responsibility in Yann Martel’s and Andrew Cividino’s “We Ate the Children Last” <>

Tom Ue

Crime of Calligraphy: The Importance of the Pen in /Done In/ <>

James Munday

Class Norms: The Expectation of Social Roles in /Family Guy/ <>

Alex Affonso

The OASIS Manifesto <>

Jonathan Hage

The Mechanization of Desire in Fritz Lang’s /Metropolis/ <>

Neil Macdonald

/Blade Runner/ and /Altered Carbon/: Aesthetic and Setting in Cyberpunk <>

Benjamin West

The Duality of Dystopian and Utopian Perspectives in Literature and Film <>

Jason Botham

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