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[Commlist] cfp: Gender-oriented mobilizations and social movements @ ECPR General Conference

Wed Jan 22 19:04:01 GMT 2020

Gender-oriented mobilizations and social movements

All over the globe, we are witnessing increasing levels of mobilization
that address sex, gender and sexuality from different angles. On the one
hand, from Latin America to the US, Europe, Africa and Asia, women's,
feminist and transfeminist, as well as LGBTQI movements are struggling
offline as much as online to reclaim equal rights for all gender
subjectivities, and to end all forms of gender-based violence, abuse and
discrimination. On the other hand, conservative and reactionary groups
are mobilizing worldwide and crossdimensionally in the name of the
"natural family", to defend traditional and binary gender-related roles,
opposing any attempt to deconstruct or question them as well as
revamping anti-abotion and pro-life claims. Also, gender-related issues
become, more or less instrumentally, part of political parties'
programmes and strategies thus opening complex entwinments between
grassroots mobilizations and institutional politics.

This panel explores political participation and mobilization around the
politics of sex, gender and sexuality. It collects papers that address
the multifaceted nature of participation endeavors in this domain
looking at dynamics that: i) cut across multiple spaces (the grassroots,
political institutions and the space opened up by digital media); ii)
are carried out in different modes (formal political alliances, social
movements, online discussion networks); iii) are aimed at overcoming
power unbalances amongst genders or, conversely, aspire at restoring a
social and political order grounded in sexual dimorphism.

Abstracts should be sent to Elena Pavan ((elena.pavan /at/ by
February 10th. Media and Communication Studies scholars are more than
welcome to submit an abstract proposal! The full panel proposal will
then be submitted to the ECPR on 19 February 2020. All those kind enough
to submit abstracts will be kept up to date on progress throughout.

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