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[Commlist] ICA Early Career Scholar Award

Sat Jan 04 07:06:55 GMT 2020

Subject: *ICA Early Career Scholar Award – nominations due 31 January *

Each year the International Communication Association (ICA) gives out an *Early Career Scholar Award* (formerly Young Scholar Award), which honors a scholar no more than seven years past receipt of the Ph.D. (for the award to be presented in 2020, nominees should have received their Ph.D. degree no earlier than 2013) for a body of work that has contributed to knowledge of the field of communication and shows promise for continued development. The selection committee judges the contribution and promise of young scholars based on the strength of published work, including its conceptual foundation and argumentative clarity, on the scholar's productivity at a given career stage, on the rigor of the research produced so far, and on the promise of existing work serving as a springboard for continuing scholarship. More information is available online at

We welcome nominations representing all areas of the field and all parts of the globe where ICA members live. *The deadline for nominations is Jan. 31, 2020. *

*Early Career Scholar Award nomination requirements: ***

Only ICA members may make nominations and the nominee should also be an ICA member. Self-nominations are discouraged. Nominations from any country and in any language are encouraged. For nominations made in a language other than English, nominators should provide a list of at least three referees with superior content expertise and language proficiency, but the committee will choose referees autonomously.

Supporting materials should be sent to the person making the nomination. All nominators must submit a single PDF containing all of the following:

 1. 3-5 signed letter(s) of nomination/support, not to exceed two pages
    apiece, speaking directly to each of the award criteria from the
    description (how the scholar has contributed to the field within
    communication, including the strength of conceptual foundations,
    argumentative clarity, rigor of research, and promise of continuing
 2. The nominee's CV.
 3. A page with clickable links to five representative examples from the
    nominee's body of work.

*All nomination materials should be submitted electronically by 31 January by 16:00 UTC (12:00 PM EST).* Click here for submission site: **

--Craig Scott, Early Career Scholar Award Chair ((crscott /at/ <mailto:(crscott /at/>)

(other committee members are Kathleen Beullens, Isabel Molina-Guzman, Amy Nathanson, and Chaim Noy)

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