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[Commlist] New Double Issue of Somatechnics: Data Matter and Pharmacological & Carceral Bodies published

Mon Nov 25 15:20:54 GMT 2019

The new double-issue of /Somatechnics /has been released and is bursting with somatechnicities.

*The Somatechnics of Social Categorisations* <> (Open Access)

*Iris van der Tuin* <> and *Holly Eva Katherine Randell-Moon* <>

*Getting Our Hands Dirty: Reflections on Data* <> (Open Access)

*Lotta-Lili Fiedel* <>, *Lisa Malich* <> and *Sofia Varino* <>

*The Gender of Biomedical Data: Challenges for Personalised and Precision Medicine* <>

*Mirjam Pot* <>, *Wanda Spahl* <> and *Barbara Prainsack* <>

*Active Coeliac: Disassembling Gluten and Coeliac Disease* <>

*Sofia Varino* <>

*Body Shock: Unsettling the Biosciences through Postconventional Materialities* <> (Open Access)

*Margrit Shildrick* <>

*Indexing, Coding, Scoring: The Engine Room of Epidemiology and its Routinized Techno-Digestions* <>

*Susanne Bauer* <>

*Collecting Data and the Status of the Research Subject in Brain-Machine Interface Research in Chronic Stroke Rehabilitation* <>

*Melike Şahinol* <>

*Why Does Sex/Gender (Come to) Matter? Researchers' Reasons for Sex/Gender Assessment Illustrate its Context-Dependencies and Entanglements* <>

*Diana Schellenberg* <>

*Prescriptive Power: Biologism, Biopsychiatry and Drug-centred Psychopharmacology* <>

*Francis Russell* <>

*Broadmoor's Early ‘Pleasure Women’, or the Somatechnics of Maternal Filicide in Late Nineteenth-Century Britain* <>

*Nikki Sullivan* <> and *Cathy Hawkins* <>

*Subject, Object, Agent, Other: Zoom, PNP and Crystal Methamphetamine* <>

*Dean Ray* <>

*Becoming Fully Present in Your Body: Analysing Mindfulness as an Affective Investment in Tech Culture* <>

*Jaana Parviainen* <> and *Ilmari Kortelainen* <>

*The Right to Maim: Somatechnologies of Violence, Race, and Disability* <>

*Gilbert Caluya* <>, *Gerard Goggin* <>, *Zsuzsanna Dominika Ihar* <>, *Jack Leff* <>, *Kelly Sharron* <> and *Meshell Sturgis* <>

*Megan H. Glick, /Infrahumanisms: Science, Culture, and the Making of Modern Non/Personhood/* <>

*Maneesha Deckha* <>

*Melissa Gregg, /Counterproductive: Time Management in the Knowledge Economy/* <>

*Kristin Smith* <>

*Cáel M. Keegan, /Lana and Lily Wachowski/* <>

*Atalia Israeli-Nevo* <>

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