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[Commlist] New book: Emotions and Loneliness in a Networked Society

Mon Nov 25 15:17:40 GMT 2019

New edited volume "Emotions and Loneliness in a Networked Society".

In an era of enhanced social interconnectivity, loneliness, isolation, anxiety and depression are on the rise. This volume questions the adequacy of our social relations and addresses emotions and loneliness in relation to social media use, documenting specific ways of looking at loneliness (seen both as a positive and negative emotion) in the digital era.  The publication advocates for finding a middle ground in the debates about social media’s impact on social relationships. By avoiding falling into the trap of either technological dystopianism or technological utopianism, this volume aims to debunk myths related to the effect of social media on young people and to put an end to the debate regarding whether or not SNS use is affecting our mental health and social relationships.

The volume features 16 contributions from 26 academics across the globe. For a free preview and to order the book, please visit the following link

I am very grateful to all the reviewers for their invaluable comments on earlier versions of this volume. My sincere thanks also go to Lucy Batrouney and Mala Sanghera-Warren and the team at Palgrave McMillan.

Book endorsements include:

“In a world where each news cycle seems to bring news of another mass-shooting, of people stranded or killed crossing borders, or of intractable conflicts across the globe, it is all too easy to lose sight of the important questions around loneliness, solidarity, new media and human connection that this book poses. Bianca Fox has brought together a mix of fascinating, timely and compassionate scholarship which explores experiences of loneliness in different national settings, the complex significance of the internet therein, and the problematic reification of social media’s role in modern loneliness by both optimists and pessimists.” (Shakuntala Banaji, Associate Professor, Department of Media and Communication, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK)

“It is one of the 21st century’s great ironies that the more advances in technology allow society to connect and network on a global scale, the more we are at risk of unprecedented levels of disconnection, social isolation and loneliness. By championing an interdisciplinary approach this volume provides new insights into what is one of the greatest social and health challenges of our time.” (Professor Michael Wilson, Loughborough University, UK)

“This collection thoughtfully explores how technologies of togetherness contribute to – and challenge – contemporary experiences of loneliness. With case studies from Europe, Asia and Africa, this volume provides much-needed insight into the multiplicity of connectedness in the digital age.” (Zeena Feldman, King's College London, UK)

For comments, suggestions or ideas for collaborative projects, please contact Dr. Bianca Fox at ( /at/ <mailto:( /at/>

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