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[Commlist] Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies (2019) No 3 published

Thu Nov 21 10:13:39 GMT 2019

We are thrilled to announce that *Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies (2019) No 3* is now available

For more information about issue, click here >>>>

For more information about journal, click here >>>>

*Aims & Scope
Online edition Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies is a periodic academic e-journal without printed forms (since 2019). The journal publishes scholastic articles, reviews, information resources, reports of expeditions, conferences and other scientific materials.

Journal publishes articles on quarterly basis.

Our online edition is devoted to the topical issues in the field of studies of media and mass culture in the broadest coverage of: history, cultural studies, anthropology, philosophy, etc. The title of the journal was chosen as a reference to the work of the famous theorist of media culture, Herbert Marshall McLuhan, who in his periodization of the invention and assimilation by mankind of mass communications (media) introduced the concept of "Galaxy" (Galaxy of Gutenberg, Galaxy Marconi, etc.).

Project goal is to create a virtual platform for exchange of views and discussions in the field of studies of media and mass culture. We strive to ensure that our network publishing performs an important scientific function – communication and information, which allows not only to accumulate new achievements in this area, but also serves as the basis for new discoveries and insights.

*Issue 3 (2019)
Cinema Studies

*Todd McGowan
*The Hero’s Form of Appearance: the Necessary Darkness of the Dark Knight <> 16-48

*Boris Valerievich Podoroga
*Poetics of Dead Body: David Cronenberg as Norman's Brown Reader <> 49-70

New Media and Human Communication

*Rastyam Tuktarovich Aliev, Olesya Sergeevna Yakushenkova*
Modeling the Imaginary on the Internet: Transforming of Alimentary Models of the Other <> 72-93

*Olesya Sergeevna Yakushenkova
*Models of Perception of the Sexuality of the Other in Internet Queries in Russian Search Engines <>in 2019 94-112

*Ibitayo S. Popoola, Samuel Ejiwunmi
*Technology and Election Coverage: a Study on Selected Presidential Elections in Nigeria <> 113-138

*Augustine Godwin Mboso, Nkiru Comfort Ezeh
*Be Alert and Defend Yourselves: News Framing of Danjuma’s Comments on Herdsmen Attacks in Nigeria <>139-154

Game Studies

*Vladislav Vladimirovich Kirichenko
*Sound Paradigm in Horror Video Games <>156-175

Mass Culture

*Nadezhda Vladimirovna Pavlenko, Serguey Nikolaevich Yakushenkov
*At Home among Strangers and a Stranger at Home: Youth Subcultures in the Japan National Cultural Landscape <> 177-205

General Theory

*Roxana Lara Pomplun
*The Quiet Medium: A Qualitative Application of Marshall McLuhan’s Theories to Software <>207-236

Critics & Reviews

*Artem Vladimirovich Morozov
*«Look Out! This is Metamodern»: Modernity as an Umbrella and a Pendulum <> 238-249

*Nikolai Borisovich Afanasov
*Henry Jenkins and Media Theory Fanfiction <> 250-263

Best wishes,
Rastyam Aliev

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