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[Commlist] Interactive Futures Conference in Leamington 'Silicon Spa'

Mon Oct 28 18:16:24 GMT 2019

Interactive Futures Conference

Following a very successful launch in 2019, the Interactive Futures Conference returns to Leamington ‘Silicon’ Spa for a second year. The three day programme will begin once again with an academic conference at Warwickshire College Group (WCG), an event
which attracted international speakers and over a hundred attendees.
For a number of years WCG has developed and delivered Higher and Further
Education courses for aspiring Games students, many of whom have gone on to
success within the sector. Interactive Futures will bring together current academic research, thought leadership and reports from the sector front-line, for discussion and
networking in the home of the UK Games Industry

Topics include, but are not limited to:
● Talent Pipeline – where will we find the creative artists, innovative engineers
and entrepreneurs of the future?
● Games UK after Brexit – what is the importance of international hubs like
Silicon Spa for creative games development?
● Keeping it real – how will the sector be structured in the future?Is it an ecology
nurtured by partnership between corporate and ‘indie’?
● Procedural generation – graphics, sound, gameplay mechanics, levels, narrative
● Computational creativity
● Psychological motivations and drivers of play
● Human/computer interaction
● Ergonomics of interactivity
● The economic impact of the sector on the broader UK economy
● The culture and economic value of creative/technical industry clusters
● Deep studies on specific games or groups of games

In addition to academic papers we also welcome from industry authors, short ‘think pieces’ or industry practice reports. Furthermore, to facilitate presentation of their already published work to a wider audience, and to gain feedback, authors can submit published work. This can be work included in a journal at any point in the last three
years, or accepted but not yet published papers.
The submissions will be chosen based on technical merit, interest, applicability, and how well they fit a coherent and balanced program. Final submissions can be in the
following format:
● Academic Poster
● Presentation
● Article
● Exhibition (footage or presentation)
● Think Piece
● Live Demonstration

Please submit a short 200 word abstract that outlines your research.
For more information about Interactive Futures, please contact Dean of Higher Education at WCG, Steve Taylor (staylor /at/, or Subject Leader for
Games, Mike Acosta (macosta /at/

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