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[Commlist] Call for papers: Gender dynamics of public diplomacy and nation branding

Fri Oct 25 16:51:34 GMT 2019

Call for papers: Special issue of Journal of Place Branding and Public Diplomacy

*Gender dynamics of public diplomacy and nation branding*

*Guest editors:*

Dr Cecilia Cassinger, Lund University, Sweden

Dr Nadia Kaneva, University of Denver, USA

This special issue aims to bring public diplomacy and nation branding in dialogue with

gender, queer and feminist studies. The aim of the special issue is to chart new directions for

research and policy interventions by engaging with the gendered dimensions of public

diplomacy and nation branding. The editors are particularly interested in exploring how

strategic efforts to create and manage favourable images of nation-states relate to the

marginalization of ideas, bodies, and identities.

The call for papers follows the growing body of feminist scholarship and gender sensitive

perspectives in diplomacy studies (Cassidy, 2017; Aggestam & Towns, 2019), motivated, in

part, by a greater inclusion of women, transgender and LGTB diplomats in traditionally

heteronormative and masculinized foreign service organizations (Aggestam & Bergman-

Rosamond, 2016). This issue also recognizes the changing nature of diplomacy in response to

the influence of non-state actors, digital technologies and transnational processes of

globalization (Pamment, 2012; Zaharna, 2010).

Several studies have pointed to the persistent, but unspoken, gender bias embedded in nation

branding and public diplomacy (Rankin, 2012, Jezierska & Towns, 2018). Nevertheless, the

marginalisation and subordination of women and non-binary and transgender persons in

public diplomacy and nation branding practices and representation is largely understudied.

Because of their radical ambition to challenge dominant social orders, feminist and gender

sensitive approaches are well-suited to offer alternative (brand) narratives of nationhood.

Moreover, gender analyses constitute fruitful research trajectories to advance critical and

inclusive approaches in the field (Rankin, 2012; Kaneva, 2011).

We invite theoretical, empirical, and methodologically diverse contributions that explore the

intersections of gender and public diplomacy and/or nation branding. Critical perspectives

that scrutinise taken for granted assumptions about gender in relation to public diplomacy and

nation branding are particularly encouraged. Transdisciplinary approaches are also

encouraged as we acknowledge the complexity of the field and the wide scope of this topic.

The following themes are indicative, but not exhaustive, of this special issue’s focus:

• Feminist standpoints and approaches to public diplomacy and/or nation branding (e.g.

feminist foreign policy)

• Gender, transgender, and queer perspectives on nation branding and/or public


• Appropriations of feminism in nation branding and/or public diplomacy

• Market-mediated masculinities and femininities in relation to nation branding and/or

public diplomacy

• Feminist activism and nation branding and/or public diplomacy

• Homonationalism in relation to nation branding and/or public diplomacy

• Gendered mediations of nationhood in nation branding/public diplomacy strategies

and campaigns

• Progressive vs reactionary nationalisms and branding and/or public diplomacy

• Institutionalized representations of gender in public diplomacy and/or nation branding

• Masculinized vs feminized leadership rhetoric and representations in public diplomacy

and/or nation branding

• Historical perspectives on gender dimensions in public diplomacy and/or nation branding


Aggestam, K., & Towns, A. (2019). The gender turn in diplomacy: A new research

agenda. International Feminist Journal of Politics, 21(1), 9-28.

Aggestam, K. & Bergman-Rosamond, A. (2016). Swedish feminist foreign policy in the

making: Ethics, politics, and gender. Ethics & International Affairs Journal, 30, 323–334.

Cassidy, J. (ed.) (2017). Gender and diplomacy. London and New York: Routledge.

Jezierska, K., & Towns, A. (2018). Taming feminism? The place of gender equality in the

‘Progressive Sweden’ brand. Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, 14(1), 55-63.

Kaneva, N. (2011). Nation branding: Toward an agenda for critical research. International

Journal of Communication, 5, 117-141.

Pamment, J. (2012). New public diplomacy in the 21st century: A comparative study of policy and practice. London: Routledge.

Rankin, P. (2012). Gender and nation branding in ‘The True North Strong and Free.’ Journal

of Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, 8, 257 – 267.

Zaharna R.S. (2010). ‘Communication, Culture, and Identity in Public Diplomacy,’ in

Battles to Bridges: Studies in Diplomacy and International Relations. Palgrave Macmillan, London.

Submission Guidelines

Interested authors should submit a 500-word abstract proposal and a short bio (one paragraph)

via email to the two guest editors at: (cecilia.cassinger /at/ <mailto:(cecilia.cassinger /at/> and (nadia.kaneva /at/ due.du) <mailto:(nadia.kaneva /at/ due.du)>

by _March 1, 2020._

If selected for further development and submission, articles should be between 5000-7500

words long, including notes and references. Authors who are invited to submit full articles

must submit their manuscripts through the Editorial Manager system

( and should follow the guidelines of

Place Branding and Public Diplomacy,

( All articles will undergo

double-blind peer review in accordance with the journal’s policies.

Key Deadlines

Extended abstracts (500 words) and bios are due to the guest editors by _March 1, 2020._

Invitations for full papers will be sent in April 2020.

Full paper submissions will be due by _October 1, 2020_.

Estimated issue publication date: _January, 2021_.

Contact Details

Please contact the guest editors if you have any questions: Cecilia Cassinger

((cecilia.cassinger /at/ <mailto:(cecilia.cassinger /at/>) and Nadia Kaneva ((nadia.kaneva /at/ <mailto:(nadia.kaneva /at/>)

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