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[Commlist] New Book - Preston Sturges: The Last Years of Hollywood's First Writer-Director

Fri Oct 25 16:44:58 GMT 2019

Intellect is delighted to announce that /Preston Sturges: The Last Years of Hollywood's First Writer-Director <>/ by Nick Smedley and Tom Sturges is now available.

Few directors of the 1930s and 40s were as distinctive and popular as Preston Sturges, whose whipsmart comedies have entertained audiences for decades. This book offers a new critical appreciation of Sturges’ whole oeuvre, incorporating a detailed study of the last ten years of his life from new primary sources.

*_Table of Contents_*
*Foreword by Peter Bogdanovich * **
Part I - The Preludes: The Brilliant Career of Preston Sturges, 1940–1949 — A Critical Survey of His Hollywood Film*s**
1. Beginnings
2. The Emergence of a Genius
3. Sturges Triumphant
4. A Sputtering Flame: The Final Hollywood Films
5. Conclusion: The Brilliant Career of Preston Sturges

*Part II *
Chapter 1: A Fallen Giant: Adjusting to the New, 1949–1950
Chapter 2: Back to the Future: Broadway and Paramount, 1951–1952
Chapter 3: Sturges’ Travels: Farewell to America, 1953
Chapter 4: The Millionairess and the Major: Sturges Returns to Paris, 1954
Chapter 5: Americans in Paris: Filming Major Thompson, 1955
Chapter 6: American Gangster: The Trials and Tribulations of Independent Film Production, 1956–1957
Chapter 7: Farcical Manoeuvres, 1957–1958
Chapter 8: New York, New York: Public Hopes, Private Griefs, 1957
Chapter 9: For Better or For Worse: Marital Tensions, 1957–1958
Chapter 10: Sliding Towards the Brink, January–July 1958
Chapter 11: The Road to Despair, July–December 1958
Chapter 12: The Conquering Hero: Return to New York, January–March 1959
Chapter 13: Triumph over Pain: The Last Happy Months of Preston Sturges, March–August 1959
Chapter 14: The Events Have Led Up to His Death, August 1959

*Afterword by P. G. Sturges*

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