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[Commlist] Call for Chapters: Data Analytics for Detecting and Combating Online Crime and Terrorism

Tue Oct 22 08:10:29 GMT 2019

Call for Chapters: Data Analytics for Detecting and Combating Online Crime and Terrorism:

Proposals Submission Deadline: November 30, 2019

Introduction: Increased usage of social media led to the formation of online communities of terrorist groups for discussing many violent plans. These online communities present big data to researchers to identify hidden patterns and behaviours to generate actionable intelligence which can be useful for security agencies. Recruiting new people over online social media is an emerging trend which presents how the internet is exploited by terrorist groups

Objective: Terrorism is a global issue which is affecting many nations directly or indirectly. Online social media have given a vital platform for terrorists to form online communities and to operate remotely. Jihadist groups such as ISIS are most popular over online social media such as Twitter, YouTube or Facebook for radicalizing their agendas and sharing violent content or videos. Detecting such radical messages over social media has been the topic of study for many researchers. Terrorist groups are also using the anonymous nature of internet browsing to build their own private online communities over public internet architecture. These dedicated discussion forums are not indexed by search engines and require special configurations to access data from these privately owned dark web discussion forums. There are many dedicated dark web discussion forums of terrorist groups to make their groups decentralized. Recruitment of new members for terrorist groups have also been a very crucial and major topic of discussion over these discussion forums and over social media websites. This comprehensive and timely publication will provide insights to highlight the most debated aspects in the field.

Recommended Topics:

Social networking data analysis tools and services to combat terrorism

Machine learning to gain novel insights on social network analysis

Evolutionary algorithms for learning the behavior analysis for online recruitment

Mining and analyzing business applications social data for identification, support and optimization

Optimization of dynamic processes in social networks for terrorism

Social Implications of Dark Web

Trust based Analysis in Online Social Network

Forensic Analysis in Online Social Network-Based Web Applications

Online Trust evaluation

Contact: Dr. Tina Tomažič, (tina.tomazic /at/
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