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[Commlist] Publication: Not Another Brick in the Wall: The Audiovisual Essay and Radical Pedagogy

Tue Oct 22 08:03:55 GMT 2019

This teaching dossier emerges from a selection of the papers presented at the /Not Another Brick in the Wall/ symposium held at Monash University in 2019. The articles explore the potential of the video essay to offer a radical pedagogy and to open up the learning and teaching environment to creative and critical assemblages. The articles take us across different educational contexts, from the school classroom to the university seminar, to consider again how we might best ready our students for their futures in the neo-liberal world….

*Not Another Brick in the Wall: The Audiovisual Essay and Radical Pedagogy*

/JCMS Teaching Dossier/ Vol 5 (3)
/Edited by Catherine Fowler, Claire Perkins, and Sean Redmond/


*Table of Contents*


By /Catherine Fowler, Claire Perkins, and Sean Redmond/

*/Part One: Liberating Writing/*

*Bridging the Theory/Practice Divide Through Audiovisual Essays <> *by Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian Martin

*Relative Radicalism: Creating Formally Experimental Assignments Grounded in Argument* <> by Vincent Longo

*Culture as Nature: Rethinking the Audiovisual Essay as Pedagogy* <>by Robert Letizi

*/Part Two: Authenticity and Empowerment/*

*Authenticating Assessment through the Video Essay—a Pilot Case Study* <> by Sean Redmond and Joanna Tai

*Best Practice in the Inclusion of Video Essays in the School Curriculum* <> by Travis McKenzie

*/Part Three: Creativity and Pedagogy/*

*Audiovisual Essays as Empowering Pedagogical Tools for Students of Film Practice* <>by Sian Mitchell

*Videographic Exercises and Radical Pedagogy in the Classroom* <> by Catherine Fowler

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