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Sun Oct 20 22:15:56 GMT 2019

Intellect is delighted to announce that /Performance / Media / Art / Culture <> /by Jacki Apple is now available.

Experience the interdisciplinary performance scene of the 1980s and beyond through the eyes of one of its most compelling witnesses. Jacki Apple’s Performance / Media / Art / Culture traces performance art, multimedia theatre, audio arts, and dance in the United States from 1983 to the present. Showcasing thirty-five years of Apple’s critical essays and reviews, the collection explores the rise and diversification of intermedia performance; how new technologies (or rehashed old technologies) influence American culture and contemporary life; the interdependence of pop and performance culture; and the politics of art and the performance of politics.

Apple writes with a journalist’s attention to the immediacy of account and a historian’s attention to structural aesthetic and personal networks, resulting in a volume brimming with big ideas but grounded in concentrated reviews of individual performances. Many of the pieces featured in this collection originally appeared in small press journals and magazines that have now gone out of print. Preserved and republished here for current and future readers, they offer a rich portrait of performance at the end of the millennium.
*_Table of Contents_*
*Foreword by Marina LaPalma*
Chapter 1: The TV Generation - Media Culture and Performance *
Performance in the Eighties: The TV Generation (1984)
Psycho-Opera (1987)
Commentary Intermedia: Performance and Video (1983)
Sex and Technology: The Politics of Intimacy (1990)
The Making of Cambodia: Spalding Gray and The Killing Fields (1985)
Terry Allen’s Radio Cinema (2000/2018)
The Life and Times of Lin Hixson: The LA Years (1991)

*Chapter 2: Spectacle, Film, Collaboration*
Time, Space, and Questions of Otherness (1989)
Time Lost/Time Found (2017)
Journeys to Heaven and Hell (2015)
Life, Art, and Death in Multimedia Experimental Theater (2011)
Light Energy, Dark Matter (2009/2015)
Wrestling with an Age That Won’t Give Back (1985)

*Chapter 3: Crossing Cultures - Sound, Space, Gesture*
Radio Art: The Coming Sonic Boom (1990)
The Aural Stage (1991)
Yoshi Oida: Interrogations (1990)
Performance and the Art of Conversation (2015)
Listening to the Universe (1990)
Urban Bush Women (1987)
Tarika Sammy (1993)
Rudy Perez Performance Ensemble: Made In LA (1991)
Lula Washington: LA Contemporary Dance Theater (1989)
Fulfillment in The Empty Room (2012)
Peripheral Visions: Perspectives on Culture, Media, and Performance (2017)
Faustin Linyekula’s Journey from Darkness to Light (2017)

*Chapter 4: History Restaged*
Plato’s Symposium (1986)
Tao, Mao, Now! (1991)
The Sound of History Dreaming the Future (1991)
Dancing on History’s Grave (2014)
Dancing on History’s Grave: Part Two (2014)
Mining the Past to Change the Future (2017)
1969 Speaks For Itself (2018)
Staging Politics: Allegory vs. Satire (2017)
My Lai Revisited: One Man’s Journey (2018)
1984 in 2016: Big Brother is Watching

*Chapter 5: Prophecies Past Tense*
Voyage to Prague (1991)
Slouching Towards the Next Millennium: Some Meditations on Art and the Twenty-First Century (1989)
The Voices of America 1992 (1992)
Commentary Intermedia: A Bright Tomorrow? (1987/89)
Resurrecting the Disappeared: Recollections on Artists in Absentia (1997)
Commerce on the Edge: The Convergence of Art and Entertainment (1986)
Performance Art is Dead: Long Live Performance Art! (1994)
Notes on Performance and Sex(ism) (2015)

*Chapter 6: Politics of Culture *
Commentary Intermedia: Interdisciplinary Performance: Collaboration in the 1980s (1985)
Politics, Performance, and the Los Angeles Festival (1991)
Screamers (1991)
Radiodeath: The Expulsion of Art from the Airwaves (1995)
The Artist as Fundamentalist (1992)
A Question of Civic and Public Responsibility (1994)
Beauty and the (Art) Beast (1993)

*Chapter 7: Concerning Nature *
Calls from the Deep (1990)
Reviving the Horror (1986)
Miwa Matreyek’s Self-Made World (2014)
Laurie Anderson’s Dirtday! (2012)
Cynthia Hopkins: This Clement World (2013)
Meredith Monk: On Behalf of Nature (2013)
Entangled Waters (2018)
Afterward: A Retrospective View*
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