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[Commlist] CfPCAER 2020 Conference: Building Bridges

Mon Oct 14 22:45:42 GMT 2019

 Building Bridges: Internationalizing Communication Theory, Practice, and Education

*Host*: Communication Association of Eurasian Researchers (CAER)

*Location*: Klaipeda, LT

*Host University*: LCC International University

Dates: *June 27-29, 2020*

The Communication Association of Eurasian Researchers (CAER) welcomes submissions that focus on various aspects of communication in, with and about Eastern and Central Europe. This conference will serve as an opportunity to truly “internationalize” the field of communication, providing opportunities for transnational “bridge building”. This will have a plentitude of positive potentialities naturally percolate, producing new global connections, creativity, and commonalities in a world beset with division, delimitation, and difference.

Internationalization, as outlined by the National Communication Association and the American Association of State Universities and Colleges accomplishes the goals of making global citizens of our students, linking international academic communities, enhancing national and international security, and enlivening and expanding faculty research and scholarship.

Potential ideas for building bridges between communication scholars from the East and West could revolve around the following subjects (though this list is not limiting or exhaustive, but rather generative):

•           Growing misunderstandings between governments;

•           Growing misunderstandings between governments and publics;

•           Misinformation, disinformation, and other manipulation through communication;

•           Declining trust in traditional authorities;

•           Polarization and radicalization;

•           Threats to peace and security;

•           Threats to human rights and dignity;

•           Future of democracy and democratization;

•           Lack of social justice;

•           Unsustainable practices;

•           Depletion of natural environment.

We will engage the contemporary issues by discussing research contributions from international scholars with the ambition to:

•           Establish a bridge to connect scholars from different paradigmatic, cultural, and geographical locations.

•           Envision future bridges to engage communication scholars with broader communities to analyze, understand, and perhaps even mitigate some of the current issues.

CAER seeks to be a place where through scholarship we transcend many of the divisions of politics or geography, finding common ground through the language and practice of communication research.

To submit to the conference: Please submit a 250-word abstract of your paper by the deadline listed above. If you are submitting a panel (preference will be given to paper panels), with abstracts for each proposed presentation. Email the abstract as an attachment to (mfinch /at/

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