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[Commlist] Nordic Journal of Media Studies (open access) - first issue on Disrupting Media Infrastructures published

Wed Aug 28 22:53:40 GMT 2019

The first issue of a new Open Access journal, Nordic Journal of Media Studies, has been published. The issue editors, Kirsten Frandsen and Hanne Bruun, hope that it will contribute to the field by addressing current research topics and explore issues that are not yet fully mature. The journal is published by Nordicom and the first issue is titled Disrupting Media Infrastructures.

The Nordic Journal of Media Studies is a new journal that has been added to Nordicom's portfolio of scientific publications. It is published as Open Access, which was an important aspect for the editorial committee in the decision to move to Nordicom and set up the new journal.

"Research that is funded by tax money should be openly available. It's an ethical commitment to ensure that the public can benefit from the research that they have helped funding", says editor Kirsten Frandsen.

The overall theme of this first issue, titled Disrupting Media Infrastructures, is the current changes that the media industry is going through. Due to digitalization, production networks are now possible across the world, making new ways of distributing content and building business models.

Accidentally, the theme reflects the situation the editorial committee were in when they decided to start a new open access journal.

"We were seeking to utilize options provided by digitalization, like Open Access publishing. However, we were disrupted by the infrastructures of old business models which required readers to pay in order to access research", Kirsten Frandsen says.

In comparison to most journal in the field, the Nordic Journal of Media Studies will be themed, meaning that the editors define the overall theme of each issue. The hope is, says Kirsten Frandsen, for the journal to address current issues and be at the forefront when it comes to exploring new research topics.

"The theme for this first issue will include articles where researchers reflect on what they think the future will look like. Our aim is to be ahead of time and make researchers write on issues that are not yet fully mature as research topics".

"The journal will be a meeting place for Nordic, European, and global perspectives on media. Nordic media scholars have much to offer the international research community, but we also have much to learn from our international colleagues. The journal will ensure a continuous dialogue with researchers from other parts of the world", says chief editor Stig Hjarvard.

As publisher, Nordicom will be in charge of producing, disseminating and marketing the new journal. Publishing Open Access is an important part of Nordicom's mission and when being approached by the editors of Nordic Journal of Media Studies it seemed like a good match.

"Nordicom has for a long time been devoted to publishing high-quality media research of relevance for the Nordic societies. A thematic journal like The Nordic Journal of Media Studies will be a good complement to our existing journal Nordicom Review, which has a somewhat broader scope. We are very excited about the opportunity to collaborate with such a distinguished group of editors and media scholars", says Nordicoms' director Jonas Ohlsson.

Table of Content


By: Hanne Bruun and Kirsten Frandsen

Media disruption and the public interest

By: Trine Syvertsen, Karen Donders, Gunn Enli and Tim Raats

Disrupting journalism from scratch

By: Chloë Salles

Unboxing news automation

By: Stefanie Sirén-Heikel, Leo Leppänen, Carl-Gustav Lindén and Asta Bäck

How streaming services make cinema more important

By: Terje Gaustad

The delay economy of "continuity" and the emerging impatience culture of the digital era

By: Hanne Bruun

Disrupting video game distribution

By: Stefan Werning

Digital payments for a digital generation

By: Linn-Birgit Kampen Kristensen and Mona Solvoll

Read the first issue of Nordic Journal of Media Studies - Disrupting Media Infrastructures, and more about the Nordic Journal of Media Studies at

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