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[Commlist] New issue of the Journal of Information Policy

Mon Aug 26 09:25:30 GMT 2019

The Journal of Information Policy has just published the opening essay of volume 9, Whither the Public Internet, by Internet pioneer David Clark, with William Lehr, Steve Bauer, Arthur Berger and Philipp Richter, all of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, and a special issue on "Applying the Capabilities Approach to Media and Communications Policy” with an introductory essay by Nick Couldry of the London School of Economics and Political Science on “Developing Sen’s Moral Theory fo Communications Research."

All are available at:


Opening Essay

Whither the Public Internet?
William Lehr, David Clark, Steve Bauer, Arthur Berger and Philipp Richter

Special Issue: Applying the Capabilities Approach to Media and Communications Policy

Capabilities for What? Developing Sen's Moral Theory For Communications Research
Nick Couldry

Normative Analysis in the Communications Field: Why We Should Distinguish Communicative Means and Ends of Justice
Max Hänska

The Political Economy of Media Capabilities: The Capability Approach in Media Policy
Michael Litschka

Sen’s Capabilities Approach and the Measurement of Communication Outcomes
Tom Jacobson and Leanne Chang

Narrative Capability: Self-Recognition and Mutual Recognition in Refugees' Storytelling
Simona Bonini Baldini


Notice After Notice-and-Consent: Why Privacy Disclosures Are Valuable Even If Consent Frameworks Aren't
Daniel Susser

Between Integration and Protection of National Sovereignty in the European Union's Radio Spectrum Policy: Uncovering Potential Research Avenues
Maria Massaro

How Government Surveillance Policies Modify SNS Use in South Korea
Tonghoon Kim and David J. Atkin

The Journal of Information Policy brings contemporary scholarly research and analysis of significant information policy issues to the attention of policymakers in a timely fashion via an online format. It is a refereed scholarly journal that is multidisciplinary and international in scope and publishes articles, comments, book reviews, literature reviews, and invited commentary. The Journal of Information Policy is an Open Access Journal which means that all content is freely available immediately upon publication without charge to the user or his/her institution. Volumes 1-8 are available through JSTOR at:

We hope that you enjoy reading the new volume and encourage you to check JSTOR periodically for newly published manuscripts.

Journal of Information Policy editorial staff

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