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[Commlist] The Palgrave Handbook of Methods for Media Policy Research published

Fri Aug 23 21:23:40 GMT 2019

Out now:

Van den Bulck, H.; Puppis, M.; Donders, K. and Van Audenhove, L. (Eds.) The Palgrave Handbook of Methods for Media Policy Research The Palgrave Handbook of Methods for Media Policy Research covers the craft that is and the methods used in media and communication policy research. It discusses the steps involved in conducting research, from deciding on a topic, to writing a report and everything in between and, furthermore, deals with a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection and analysis. The handbook invites researchers to rediscover trusted methods such as document analysis, elite interviews and comparisons, as well as to familiarize themselves with newer methods like experiments, big data and network analysis.

For each method, the handbook provides a practical step-by-step guide and case studies that help readers in using that method in their own research. The methods discussed are useful for all areas of media and communication policy research, for research concerning the governance of both mass media and online platforms, and for policy issues around the globe. As such, the handbook is an invaluable guide to every researcher in this field.

Table of Contents
Part I. Media Policy Research
1. Introduction: Media Policy and Media Policy Research (Manuel Puppis and Hilde Van den Bulck)
2. Doing Media Policy Research (Manuel Puppis and Hilde Van den Bulck)
3. Digitization and Media Policy Research (Karen Donders and Leo Van Audenhove)
Part II. Research Design
4. Case Study Research (Sally Broughton Micova)
5. Comparative Research (Frank Esser)
6. Meta-Analysis (Werner A. Meier)
7. Action Research (Greg Hearn, Dan Swan and Kathryn Geels)
Part III. Methods of Data Collection
8. Talking to People I: Surveys (Uwe Hasebrink and Sascha Hölig)
9. Talking to People II: Qualitative Interviews (Martine van Selm and Natali Helberger) 10. Talking to People III: Expert Interviews and Elite Interviews (Leo Van Audenhove and Karen Donders)
11. Talking to People IV: Focus Groups (Peter Lunt)
12 Watching People: Observations (Lizzie Jackson and Michał Głowacki)
13. Testing People: Experiments (Christian Handke and Christian Herzog)
14. Texts as Data I: Document Analysis (Kari Karppinen and Hallvard Moe)
15. Texts as Data II: Media Content Analysis (Corinne Schweizer)
16. Texts as Data III: Digital TV Archives (Sonja de Leeuw and Jasmijn Van Gorp) 17. Texts as Data IV: Web Crawling, Content and Link Analysis (Natascha Just) 18. Working with Secondary Data: Official and Industry Statistics (Marlen Komorowski)
Part IV. Methods of Data Analysis
19. Statistical Analysis (Jurgen Minnebo and Bart Cambré)
20. Analyzing Big Data (Balázs Bodó and Bob van de Velde)
21. Analyzing Talk and Text I: Qualitative Content Analysis (Manuel Puppis)
22. Analyzing Talk and Text II: Thematic Analysis (Christian Herzog, Christian Handke and Erik Hitters)
23. Analyzing Talk and Text III: Discourse Analysis (Christopher Ali)
24. Analyzing Talk and Text IV: Frame Analysis (Maria Löblich)
25. Analyzing Qualitative Data Using NVivo (Dimitri Mortelmans)
26. Analyzing Policy-Making I: Stakeholder and Advocacy Coalition Framework Analysis (Hilde Van den Bulck) 27. Analyzing Policy-Making II: Policy Network Analysis (Patrick Kenis and Volker Schneider) 28. Analyzing Policy-Making III: Digital Network Analysis (Silvia Majó-Vázquez)
29. Historical Analysis (Victor Pickard)
30. Legal Analysis in Media Policy Research (Marko Milosavljević and Melita Poler)
31. Assessing Policy I: Stakeholder Analysis (Terry Flew and Tania Lim)
32. Assessing Policy II: Governance-Choice Method (Michael Latzer, Florian Saurwein and Natascha Just) 33. Assessing Policy III: Regulatory Impact Assessment (Markus Oermann and Wolfgang Schulz)
34. Assessing Policy IV: Goals-Means Tree Analysis (Anne-Sofie Vanhaeght)
Part IV. Reporting and Disseminating Media Policy Research
35. Writing Policy Reports (Tim Raats)
36. Media Policy Activism (Des Freedman)
37. Developing Pedagogical Materials on Media Policy (Karolien Poels)
38. Looking Again at Findings: Secondary Analysis (Sandra Braman)

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