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[Commlist] cfp: discourses of fictional (digital) tv series

Fri Aug 23 18:33:12 GMT 2019


*Important dates*
Registration deadline: 10/10/2020
Call for paper ending on: 15/01/2020

ES, Valencia, Valencia, 46010,

Conference Convenors
Carmen Gregori-Signes
Claudia Alonso-Recarte
Miguel Fuster-Márquez
Sergio Maruenda-Bataller
Paula Rodríguez-Abruñeiras
Joaquín Primo-Pacheco
Institution: Universitat de València
Contact person: Carmen Gregori-Signes
Contact person email address: (tvseries /at/ [1]

*Associated media* [2]

We are delighted to announce that the Departament de Filologia Anglesa i
Alemanya at the Universitat de València and the Institut Interuniversitari
de Llengües Modernes Aplicades de la Comunitat Valenciana (IULMA) will be
hosting, on the 4th-6th November 2020 in Valencia, Spain, the* International
Conference on Discourses of Fictional (Digital) TV Series. *The conference
will address series originally produced in English.

Conference topics may include, but are not limited to:

  * Multimodal discourses in DTVS.
  * The function of dialogue and other forms of narrative in DTVS.
  * Characterisation. Innovations and stereotyping through characters’
    unique discourse.
  * Identity politics based on race, ethnicity, religion, age, class, or
    species in DTVS.
* Gender and sexuality in DTVS. The use of DTVS as an innovative space for
    raising awareness about social inequality
* Sexual and gender-based politics. Denunciation of patriarchal discourses,
    feminist utopias and dystopias.
  * Posthuman, transhuman, biotechnological and ecocritical discourses in
    DTVS: the overcoming of humanism and the blurring of the boundaries
    between the human, the technological and the animal.
* From Ageing to Disability Studies in DTVS: portrayals of old age, illness,
    disease, and the handicapped subject.
* Screen adaptations. Conventional vs. experimental structures and narrative
    plots in DTVS.
  * Fandom-related discourses and industries.

P.S. We invite you to contribute to the list of /Online Bibliographic
References on (Digital) TV Series/ [3] (see also Bednarek, M., & Zago, R.

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