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[Commlist] New Book - Prison Cultures

Mon Aug 19 12:57:42 GMT 2019

Intellect is delighted to announce that /Prison Cultures <>/ by Aylwyn Walsh is now available.

/Prison Cultures/ offers the first systematic examination of women in prison and performances in and of the institution. Using a feminist approach to reach beyond tropes of “bad girls” and simplistic inside vs. outside dynamics, it examines how cultural products can perpetuate or disrupt hegemonic understandings of the world of prisons. The book identifies how and why prison functions as a fixed field and postulates new ways of viewing performances in and of prison that trouble the institution, with a primary focus on the UK and examples from popular culture. A new contribution to the fields of feminist cultural criticism and prison studies, Aylwyn Walsh explores how the development of a theory of resistance and desire is central to the understanding of women’s incarceration. It problematises the prevalence, of purely literary analysis or case studies that proffer particular models of arts practice as transformative of offending behaviour.

*Table of Contents*


Chapter One: Prison Cultures Habitus and ‘Tragic Containment’

Chapter Two: Genealogies of Prison as Performance: Towards a Theory of Simulating the Cage

Chapter Three: Trauma, Strategies and Tactics: Problems of Performance in Prison

Chapter Four: Race, Space and Violence

Chapter Five: Prison Lesbians: Screening Intimacy and Desire

Chapter Six: Performance through Prison: Institutional Ghosts and Traces of the Traumatic

Paradoxes of Prison Cultures

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