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[Commlist] New Special Issue of Internet Policy Review on "Transnational materialities"

Tue Jul 30 19:14:25 GMT 2019

Volume 8, Issue 2
Transnational materialities

José van Dijck, Utrecht University, Netherlands
Bernhard Rieder, New Media and Digital Culture, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

This special issue of Internet Policy Review is the second to bring together the best policy-oriented papers presented at the annual conference of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR). The conference in Montréal, in October 2018, was organised around the theme of "Transnational materialities". As explained in the editorial to this issue, the contributions map the larger debate on internet governance research in terms of perspectives rather than disciplines. The eleven papers in this issue span a wide range of topics, including normative perspectives on how platforms shape democracy, conceptual perspectives on how to think platform power, and social and legal views on data-driven governance.

Papers in this Special Issue

Editorial: The recursivity of internet governance research, By José van Dijck & Bernhard Rieder

Making data colonialism liveable: how might data’s social order be regulated? By Nick Couldry & Ulises Mejias

Mediated democracy – Linking digital technology to political agency, By Jeanette Hofmann

Technology, autonomy, and manipulation, By Daniel Susser, Beate Roessler & Helen Nissenbaum

Reframing platform power, By José van Dijck, David Nieborg & Thomas Poell

The platform governance triangle: conceptualising the informal regulation of online content, By Robert Gorwa

Citizen or consumer? Contrasting Australia and Europe’s data protection policies, By James Meese, Punit Jagasia & James Arvanitakis

How US-made rules shape internet governance in China, By Natasha Tusikov

Zombie contracts, dark patterns of design, and ‘documentisation’, By Kristin B. Cornelius

The ‘golden view’: data-driven governance in the scoring society, By Lina Dencik, Joanna Redden, Arne Hintz & Harry Warne

The algorithmic dance: YouTube’s Adpocalypse and the gatekeeping of cultural content on digital platforms, By Sangeet Kumar

A guideline for understanding and measuring algorithmic governance in everyday life, By Michael Latzer & Noemi Festic

To access the special issue, visit:

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