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[Commlist] Cinema and the cultures of neoliberalism published

Mon Jul 22 23:22:10 GMT 2019

The collection 'Cinema and the Cultures of Neoliberalism' is now published in full, a special edition of the New Review of Film and Television Studies, Volume 17, 2019 guest edited by Anna Cooper:

TOC and individual links below.

Happy reading,


'Power, ideology, subjectivity: all are foundational concepts in film studies going back to the 1970s, and all have been profoundly transformed by neoliberalism’s immense reach. Given these changes, a critical reconsideration of various subfields within cinema studies is in order, and this issue of /New Review/ brings together new work which is moving forward with such reconsiderations in areas including film’s intersections with race, class, the city, performativity, geopolitics, and celebrity.' - Anna Cooper, Neoliberal Theory and Film Studies, 267.


Neoliberal theory and film studies

Anna Cooper, 265-277

Performance anxiety: the competitive self and Hollywood's post-crash films of cruelty

Louis Bayman, 278-297

Paragons of failure: Fallen celebrities and the crisis of social mobility

Moya Luckett, 298-314

Self-referentiality and neoliberalism in contemporary Argentine cinema

Natália Pinazza, 315-330

Neoliberalism and class tourism in /The Darjeeling Limited/

Timotheus Vermeulen, 331-348

/Get Out /and the legacy of sundown suburbs in post-racial America

Elizabeth A. Patton, 349-363

Neoliberal cartographies: the grid in independent New York film

Erica Stein, 364-378

The odds are never in your favour: the form and function of American cinema's neoliberal utopias

Gregory Frame, 379-397

Book Reviews:

Lesbian Cinema after Queer Theory

Katrin Horn, 398-403

Dziga Vertov: Life and Work (volume 1:1896-1921)

Maria Belodubrovskaya, 401-403

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