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[Commlist] Film Matters 10.1 published

Thu Jul 18 16:37:13 GMT 2019

Intellect is excited to announce that /Film Matters/ 10.1 is now available!

For more information about the issue and journal, click here >> <>

*Aims & Scope*

Film Mattersis an exciting peer-reviewed film magazine, celebrating the work of undergraduate film scholars. It is published by students and for students and each issue contains feature articles, a healthy reviews section, and occasional pieces such as profiles of film studies departments or resources and opportunities that undergraduate scholars can pursue.

*Issue 10.1*


Editorial <>

pp. 4-5

Authors: Palmer, Tim; Palmer, Liza


Rediscovering Paris, Rediscovering Identity: An Exploration of Sounds and Voice in Cléo from 5 to 7 <>

pp. 7-15

Author: Billingsley, Anne

Film Noir Heroes and the American Dream: Examining Contradictions in American Ideology through Fred Zinnemann’s Act of Violence <>

pp. 16-25

Author: Carson, Sean

The Stigmatization of Queer Black Women in Television <>

pp. 26-36

Author: Cruz, Thomas

Space Sirens: The Portrayal of Women in French New Wave Sci-Fi <>

pp. 37-44

Author: Despaigne, Gabrielle W.

Off-Script: Toward a Revolutionary Arab Cinema <>

pp. 45-58

Author: Nazzal, Safwat

Celebrity Theorists and the Filmic Embodiment of Thought <>

pp. 59-72

Author: Saakashvili, Eduard

Manipulating the Masses with Modernism: The Weapon of Abstraction <>

pp. 73-85

Author: Staub, Chamberlain

“Movies Are Supposed to Move, Stupid”: Examining Movement in Chris Marker’s La Jetée <>

pp. 86-95

Author: Wallace, Grace

Filmic Architect or Architectural Filmmaker?: Examining the Relationship Between Space and Cinema in the Work of Michelangelo Antonioni <>

pp. 96-117

Author: Wang, Nashuyuan Serenity

Generational Horror: A Comparison of Tim Curry’s and Bill Skarsgård’s Portrayals of Pennywise in Stephen King’s IT <>

pp. 118-126

Author: Wise, K. M.

_Fake News Dossier_

Fishing for Fake News <>

pp. 129-136

Author: Cordova, John

Fiction and Reality: The Characters and Characterization of Fox News <>

pp. 137-143

Author: Daniel, Madeline

When Covering Too Much Results in Not Covering Enough: An Essay on NBC News <>

pp. 144-151

Author: Hairston, Cara

Intentions of the HuffPost <>

pp. 152-159

Author: Misghina, Ida

Fake News: CNN’s Digital Trends <>

pp. 160-167

Author: Pearl, Kylee


Books <>

pp. 169-181

Authors: Williams, Emmett; Frame, Lily C.; Moore, Alexandria Rose; Pickett, Ashley R.; Puga, Cheyenne; Wentz, Andrew Ryan

Film <>

pp. 183-188

Authors: Dickerson, Alexis; Nielsen, Andrew P.

DVD/Blu-ray <>

pp. 189-208

Authors: Amaral, Evan; Colson, Catherine Traci; Johnson, Matt; Spillane, Ashley R.; Watkins, Karl; Wiener, Adam

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