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[Commlist] cfw/cfp: Local, Community, and Proximity Media

Mon Jun 24 14:55:13 GMT 2019





September, 19-21

University of Beira Interior (Covilhã, PT)

The project Remedia.Lab - Laboratory & Incubator of Regional Media, headquartered in the research unit Labcom.IFP of the University of Beira Interior (Covilhã, Portugal), receives *until July 30* proposals for communication and multimedia journalism projects to be developed within the scope of LOCAL MEDIA FAL(L) SCHOOL, the first fall school on “Local, regional, community and proximity media”, which will take place September 19-21 in Covilhã.

The answer to this call for papers can assume three forms: a) academic work, b) journalistic work, or c) both.


Remedia.Lab and LabCom.IFP recognize the existence of an increased interest in proximity media in the form of diverse scientific and academic approaches. Therefore, we invite all interested parties to present a summary of the topic "Local, Community, and Proximity Media", with approximately 500 words,  clearly identifying objectives, methodology, and results (verified or expected). Proposals are accepted, but not exclusively, on the following topics:

-Local and community media and news building;

- Local and community media and the digital switchover;

- Local and community media and new platforms;

- Local and community media and new business models;

-Local and community media and new media narratives;

- Local and community media, culture, and heritage;

- Local and community media and citizenship;

- Local and community media  and participation;

- Local and community media and collaborative culture;

- Local and community media and local services;

- Local and community media and local governance.

In the event there will be a set of parallel scientific sessions, destined to the communication of the proposals approved by the Scientific Committee at a maximum of 20. The enrolled ones will be able to attend conferences and training actions with academics, journalists and media managers .

Registration for the presentation of communications has a cost of 50 euros, except for students of all cycles of the University of Beira Interior, for whom the value will be 25 euros. Participants will be entitled to a certificate and the publication of the article in a book to be edited by LabCom.IFP.


Participants may, in addition to scientific communication, also present a journalistic project, to be developed during the Fall School. Participants in this project are challenged to design a short journalistic narrative about a regional gastronomic event that takes place between 18 and 22 September, in the city of Covilhã. It is the Festival of Cherovia, a typical regional product of Cova da Beira, which is a pretext for five days of strong tourist and gastronomic animation, with events taking place throughout the historical area of the city. Those interested will have training actions with journalists, academics and technicians so that they can develop their project. The use of mobile devices shall be preferred for the development of works for one of the following modalities:

- Video-reporting;

- Social media reporting (eg Instagram);

- Multimedia reporting for a blog.

The capture of sounds and images will be done by each participant during the festival, which takes place mostly at night.

The best project in each of the categories will be selected and awarded by a jury.

The registration in the training courses of preparation and execution of the projects costs 30 euros, except for students of all cycles of the University of Beira Interior, who pay 15 euros. For participants who present academic and also journalistic works, the cost is cumulative, that is, 80 euros (50 + 30) or 40 euros (25 + 15) - in the latter case if they are students of the University of Beira Interior.

In any of the modalities interested parties should send an email until July 30 to (remedialab /at/ <mailto:(remedialab /at/> (with the knowledge to (jcorreia /at/ <mailto:(jcorreia /at/> and (pj /at/ <mailto:(pj /at/>).

Regardless of the modality chosen, the interested parties must indicate in the email the name, identification, profession, and institution, as well as the modality (academic work, journalistic work or academic work & journalistic work). In the case of academic papers, the abstract should be attached to the email.


1st registration phase (until August 30):

Academic work (communication): 50 euros (25 euros for UBI students)

Training courses for journalistic work: 30 euros (15 euros for UBI students)

Communication + Training: 80 euros (40 euros for UBI students)

2nd phase of registration (until September 17)

Academic work (communication): 70 euros (the price of 25 is maintained for UBI students)

Preparation courses for journalistic work: 50 euros (the price of 15 euros is maintained for UBI students)

Communication + Training: 120 euros (the price of 40 euros is maintained for UBI students)

More informations or questions please use the email (remedialab /at/ <mailto:(remedialab /at/> or <>.

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