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[Commlist] Conference- Imaginaries of Contemporary Capitalism

Mon Jun 17 10:36:55 GMT 2019

Imaginary AIS and AIS Sociological Theories and Social Transformations present the conference

Imaginaries of Contemporary Capitalism

20-21 June 2019, Pisa
Le Benedettine Congress Center, Piazza S. Paolo in Ripa D'Arno

Thursday 20 June

11:00 Institutional greetings
Alessandro Balestrino, Director of the Department of Political Science
Massimo Pendenza, Ais Sociological Theories and Social Transformations
Domenico Secondulfo, Ais Immaginario

11:30 Introduction. Imaginary and capitalism: theoretical questions
Vincenzo Mele, University of Pisa

12:00 Keynote lecture
The delay of the paradigm. For a critique of sociological criticism
Onofrio Romano, University of Bari

13:00 Light lunch

2.30pm-4.30pm Session I. READINGS
Chair Fabio D’Andrea, University of Perugia

Invention capital and social imaginary in Gabriel Tarde
Sabina Curti, University of Perugia

Below the Pyramids of Sacrifice. Re-read Peter L. Berger
Emanuela Ferreri, Sapienza - University of Rome

The spirit of capitalism: a concept that is still relevant? Points for reflection starting from the analysis of Werner Sombart
Ilaria Iannuzzi, Sapienza - University of Rome

The self in numbers. Neoliberal imagery and quantification of existence
Luca Mori, University of Verona

4.30pm: Coffee Break

16: 45-17: 30 Keynote lecture
The symbolic power of money, between abstraction, rhythm and essence
Valentina Grassi, University of Naples Parthenope

Conclusion of the work

20:30 Social dinner

Friday 21 June

9: 15-11: 15 Session II. PRACTICES Part 1
Chair Domenico Secondulfo, University of Verona

Capitalism and "imaginary green". The return of the sacred to contemporary society
Antonio Camorrino, Federico II University of Naples

The (social) imagery of the pro-surrogacy discourse. The rhetoric of freedom and the global production of lives
Daniela Bandelli, LUMSA University

Imaginaries of Value, Dirt, and Sustainability - Dumpsterdiving, the Walking Dead and Sustainable Growth Swen Seebach and Natàlia Cantó Milà, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, ​​Olli Pyyhtinen Tampere University

Capitalism eroding individual's identity in a post-human was: the case of altered carbon,
Carmen Spanò, Victoria University of Wellington

11:15 Coffee Break

11: 30-13: 00 Session II. PRACTICES Part 2
Chair Vincenzo Romania, University of Padua

Big Data, Digital Footprints and Digital Capitalism: some observations on the concept of "track"
Fabrizio Martire, Lorenzo Sabetta, Sapienza, University of Rome

The totemic community and / is the apple factory. The imaginary and its effects of reality in late capitalism
Pier Luca Marzo, Antonio Tramontana, University of Messina

The Throne of Swords and the imagery of the anti-capitalist revolution: the interpretation of Slavoj Žižek
Paulina Sabugal, University of Pisa - Roma Tre University

13:00 Light lunch

14: 00-16: 00 Session III. CREATIONS Part 1
Chair Irene Psaroudakis, University of Pisa

Money as a modern exciting. Scott Fitzgerald and Jazz-Age capitalism
Panagiotis Christias, University of Cyprus

The construction of the collective imagination in the bestsellers of the western world
Marina D’Amato, Milena Gammaitoni, Roma Tre University

Zombie performance and imagery of contemporary capitalism
Vincenzo del Gaudio, University of Salerno

Luxified Bunker: imagery of the disaster and digital capitalism
Sonia Paone, University of Pisa; Enrico Campo, University of Corse-Pasquale Paoli

16:00 Coffee break

16: 15-17: 45 Session III. CREATIONS Part 2
Chair Linda Bertelli, IMT Lucca

Capitalism, identity and fashion in contemporary Corsica
Françoise Albertini, Jeanne Ferrari-Giovanangeli, Université de Corse-Pasquale Paoli

The ethics of vision and the spirit of capitalism: the photographic imagery in Susan Sontag
Daniele Garritano, University of Calabria

From the fetishism of the body to the body as a fetish. Fashion imagery in contemporary society
Irene Psaroudakis, University of Pisa

17: 45-18: 30 Keynote lecture
Castoriadis and the capitalist imaginary. A rereading
Emanuele Profumi, University of Tuscia

Closure of the works and greetings

Scientific Secretariat: Fabio D’Andrea, Vincenzo Mele, Irene Psaroudakis
Organizing secretariat: Vincenzo Mele, Irene Psaroudakis, Enrico Campo, Paulina Sabugal

For info:
(vincenzo.mele /at/, (irene.psaroudakis /at/

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