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[Commlist] New book: The Cultural Practice of Immigrant Filmmaking

Thu May 30 18:48:31 GMT 2019

The Cultural Practice of Immigrant Filmmaking_front cover.jpg <>

Intellect is delighted to announce that /The Cultural Practice of Immigrant Filmmaking: Minor Immigrant Cinemas in Sweden 1950–1990 <>/ is now available.

The e-book of this work is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND. The ePUB and ePF are available to download for free through open access

Based on a research project funded by the Swedish Research Council, this book analyses 40 years of post-war independent immigrant filmmaking in Sweden. John Sundholm and Lars Gustaf Andersson consider the creativity that lies in the state of exile, offering analyses of over 50 rarely seen immigrant films that would otherwise remain invisible and unarchived. They shed light on the complex web of personal, economic and cultural circumstances around migrant filmmaking, and discuss associations that became important sites of self-organization for exiled filmmakers: The Independent Film Group, The Stockholm Film Workshop, Cineco, Kaleidoscope and Tensta Film Association.

Using an innovative combination of key film theory, /The Cultural Practice of Immigrant Filmmaking/ studies immigrant filmmaking in a transnational context, exploring how immigrant filmmakers use film to find a place in a new cultural situation.

*_Table of Contents_*

*Introduction: The Cultural Practice of Immigrant Filmmaking*
Film and Theory
Minor cinemas, the public sphere and the production of locality
Migration and diaspora: Notes on recent research
Outline of the book

*Chapter 1: Migrants’ Minor Cinemas: Beyond Accented and Exilic Cinema*
Accented cinema
Minor cinema
Beyond textual models of the accented and exilic

*Chapter 2: Conditions of Production: Immigrant’s Associations and Workshops in Sweden*
Immigration and culture in post-war Sweden
Establishing experimental film culture: The Independent Film Group
Immigrant film as cultural policy: The Stockholm Film Workshop
The momentary agency: Cineco (Cinecooperativo)
To be or not to be a filmmaker: Kaledioscope
Do it yourself: The Tensta Film Association
The production of film, the production of experience and the public

*Chapter 3: From Avant-garde to Communion: Ten Films by Immigrant Filmmakers in Sweden *
Fabulations in the minor key
/Study 1 (Awakening)/ by Peter Weiss (1952)
/Alone /by the Tensta Film Association (1974)
/Do You Want to Join Me, Martha?/ by the Tensta Film Association (1980)
/Interference/ by Maureen Paley (1977)
/The Earthman/ by Muammer Özer (1980)
/The Mirage/ by Guillermo Álvarez/Cineco (1981)
/The Sea is Far Away /by Reza Bagher (1983)
/The Promise/ by Menelaos Carayannis (1984)
/The Waiting /by Myriam Braniff (1989)
/Five Minutes for the Souls of America /by César Galindo (1992)
Projecting a public, creating a context

*Chapter 4: The Cultural Practice of Minor Immigrant Cinema Archiving*
The archival life of cinema
The archival trajectories of the immigrant films
The Stockholm Film Workshop and immigrant filmmaking
Performing accidental archives
Dispostif in the making, palimpsests of minor histories and the politics of recognition
Conclusion: Immigrant Filmmaking as Minor Cinema Practice*
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