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[Commlist] New book: Media and Participation in Post-Migrant Societies

Fri May 24 13:08:53 GMT 2019

New book announcement:

Media and Participation in Post-Migrant Societies
Edited by Tanja Thomas, Merle-Marie Kruse and Miriam Stehling
Rowman & Littlefield International, 2019


In contemporary media cultures, media are part of the most important sites where collective representations and narrations of a post‐migrant civic culture are (re‐)negotiated. At the same time, they offer powerful resources and instruments for civic participation and collaboration. Media and Participation in Post‐Migrant Societies addresses an important shortcoming in the research on participation in media cultures by introducing a special focus on post-migrant conditions to the discussion – both as conceptual refinements and as empirical studies. The contributions of this book provide diverse analyses of the conditions, possibilities, but also constraints for participation and the role of media communication in the reshaping of civic culture in post‐migrant societies.



-- Foreword by Arjun Appadurai
-- Introduction—Creating New Pathways for Convivial Futures: Media and Participation in Post-Migrant Societies by Merle‐Marie Kruse, Miriam Stehling, and Tanja Thomas

PART I: CONCEPTUAL PERSPECTIVES ON MEDIA AND PARTICIPATION IN POST-MIGRANT SOCIETIES 1. Media, Participation, and Collaboration in Post-Migrant Societies by Miriam Stehling, Tanja Thomas, and
Merle‐Marie Kruse
2. Immigrants, Social Media, and Participation: The Long and Winding Road via Integration by Peter Dahlgren 3. Dangerous Precarity: Sexual Politics, Migrant Bodies, and the Limits of Participation by Radha S. Hegde

PART II: VISIBILITIES AND VULNERABILITIES OF REFUGEES AND MIGRANTS IN MEDIA AND ART 4. Between the Vulnerable and the Dangerous: Representations of Refugees in the British Press by Rafal Zaborowski
5. Exploring Films’ Potential for Convivial Civic Culture by Brigitte Hipfl
6. Art and Refugeeism: Speaking-with and Speaking-from-within by Katarzyna Marciniak

7. Participatory Logistics from Below: The Role of Smartphones for Syrian Refugees by Sina Arnold and Stephan Görland 8. ‘It Only Takes Two Minutes’: The So-Called Migration Crisis and Facebook as Civic Infrastructure by Anne Kaun and Julie Uldam 9. Sentiment-Driven Demands and Scenarios for Political Participation in Nativist SNS by Fabian Virchow

10. From Niche to Mainstream? Post-Migrant Media Production as a Means of Fostering Participation by Viktorija Ratković 11. Beyond Marginalized Voices: Listening as Participation in Multicultural Media by Tanja Dreher and Poppy de Souza 12. Doing Memory and Contentious Participation: Remembering the Victims of Right-Wing Violence in German Political Culture by Steffen Rudolph, Tanja Thomas, and Fabian Virchow 13. Memorialization, Participation, and Self-Representation: Remembering Refugeedom in the Cypriot Village of
Dasaki Achnas by Nico Carpentier

-- Afterword by Nick Couldry



"This edited volume is a welcomed contribution to the multidisciplinary crossing of media and migration studies as it explores two recently introduced terms – conviviality and post-migrant societies – from media studies perspectives. This book offers an exciting starting point to examine different local, national and diasporic contexts through the notion of post-migration, a discussion that has started in Germany." -- Karina Horsti, Academy of Finland Research Fellow, Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of Jyväskylä

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