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[Commlist] Special collection - Right-Wing Populism and Mediated Activism: Creative Responses and Counter-Narratives

Wed May 15 16:02:19 GMT 2019

List members may be interested in this special collection of /Open Library of Humanities/ about right wing uses of digital media and the difficulties of creating counter-narratives.

It's open access, i.e. free, and contains 5 articles exploring different issues associated with right wing uses of digital media & the challenges of creating counter-narratives:

The articles are as follows:

1: Kevan Feshami on white nationalist media ecologies, detailing how different media platforms are used to create a nationalist 'voice' & the challenges this poses for democratic theory.

2: Muis, van Schie, Wieringa & de Winkel on populist politicians' uses of Twitter to disseminate Islamophobia (with a focus on Geert Wilders)

3: Poole, Giraud and de Quincey on the challenges of constructing social media counter-narratives against Islamophobia (in terms of longevity, combating disinformation, and relations with other media)

4: Eugenia Siapera on problems with the distinction between 'organised' & 'ambient' racism in social media guidelines, where the latter is defended under notions of free speech but they bleed into one another in practice - which allows extreme right perspectives to become normalised.

5. Siobhan Holohan on the way that counter-narratives related to the refugee crisis were constrained by & enacted neo-colonial discourses. This raises important questions about the efficacy of counter-narratives, particularly those that try to speak for others.

(plus an Intro by Elizabeth Poole and Eva Giraud).

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