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[Commlist] Call for chapter contributions in a book on media literacy education in developing democracies

Thu May 09 21:34:03 GMT 2019

The role of technological innovation in evolutionary and revolutionary development of the media is undeniable. Media, to a large extent, revolve on the axis of technology. This assertion can be understood through the prism of both media workers, who are the producers of media texts, on the one hand and the audience members who are the consumers on the other hand. However, in the era of digital media revolution, we can no more talk of permanent producers or permanent consumers because audience members have become producers as well as consumers of media messages, most often, with little or no understanding of media mechanics and dynamics. Besides, media contents, even though more largely distributed now more than ever before, lack even reception simply because of the problem of unequal access (digital divide). This divide, whether global or local, can also be pinpointed for lack of basic understanding of the workings of the media by large segment of global populace, particularly in the developing nations. This underscores the need for media literacy education to challenge the perceived systemic problem. According to the United States’ National Association for Media Literacy Education (2007), media literacy is ‘the active inquiry and critical thinking about the messages we receive and create’. Media literacy education as an intervention, is needed to build critical skills that enhance people’s media knowledge, media criticism, perceived realism of m,edia content and to enhance or mitigate media influence on beliefs, attitude, and actual behavior. Effective media literacy education then involves understanding media environment, cross–discipline collaboration, action oriented-curricula and teaching individuals to interpret media messages. It is in the light of the foregoing that a compendium that will serve as handbook for media literacy educators in the developing nations, is being proposed, Contributions by scholars from developed nations will serve the purpose of cross- fertilization of knowledge and a needed guide for replication of media literacy advocacy in developing democracy.
The proposed book will cover, but not limited to the following themes:
1.Theoretical and Epistemological considerations for media literacy education
2.Media literacy education, curriculum development and pedagogy.
3.Role of media literacy education in the developed and the developing democracies. 4.Media manipulation agenda and citizenry: the role of media literacy education
5.Fake news in the global media space
6.Citizenry, hate messages and conflict in pluralistic society
7.Fake news, hate speech and political campaign in developed and developing democracy 8.Social media and manipulative model: gate keeping or watching? – the role of media literacy education
9.Media workers, citizenry and digital literacy in 21^st century
10.Media access and adoption of innovation in the digital era
11.News literacy and media literacy: Understanding the mechanics and dynamics of traditional and new media.
*/_Expression of interest_/*
Every prospective contributor to this book project is expected to submit an abstract of not more than 600 words. Contributors are to clearly indicate the theme under which their proposed chapter contributions fall respectively, their brief profiles, institutional affiliations, contact information such as e-mail and phone numbers.
*/_Deadline for submission of abstracts_/*
The deadline for submission of abstract is 10 p.m. on 30^th June 2019
*/_Other important dates_/*
*Submission of full paper:*30^th September, 2019
*Peer review:*October, 2019
*Date of publication:*December, 2019
Willing contributors should make their submissions via electronic mail to:
*Alabi Oluwole Folaranmi (Ph.D.)*
/Department of Communication and Media Studies/
/Faculty of Social Sciences/
/Ajayi Crowther University/
/Oyo, Oyo State, Nigeria/
(of.alabi /at/ <mailto:(of.alabi /at/>

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