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[Commlist] Summer study abroad course in Italy for Film, Media, Communication and Journalism students

Tue Apr 02 15:30:07 GMT 2019

Gustolab International is accepting applications for the summer 2019 study abroad course on '*Food Media, Communication and Trends Course (3 credits)* in Rome, Italy. This course focuses on the intersection between food, sustainability and media, a connection that has elicited much interest in communication studies over the past few years. The course is also open to graduate and post-graduate students, and scholars.

Students will learn:

  * Storytelling – identifying potential angles for a story
  * Ethnographic research - learn how to construct a narrative
  * Reporting on important topics such as sustainability, culture,
    food systems, migration
  * Developing practical skills needed for effective cross-cultural
  * Interviewing – asking the right questions and getting to the heart
    of your subjects
  * Short documentary production – framing, lighting, sound and editing

Students have the possibility to earn three credits for this course from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. There are no prerequisites for this course.  The course is offered within the Critical Studies on Food in Italy Summer 2019 program, a 5-week program that takes place from Monday May 20th to Saturday, June 22nd, 2019 in Rome, Italy.   This program assists students in understanding the role of food in human cultures as well as the range of choices and values implicit in the foods eaten in Italy and elsewhere.  Students can also select from the other courses provided in the program. Some other possible course offerings for the summer session are Critical Studies on Food; Food, Nutrition, and Culture in Italy; Food Waste in Italy, and  Italian Language for Food and Business (Italian) (all 3 credits).  Some scholarships are available.

A video about the program can be found at this link: Short video: Food Media, Communication and Trends course <>

If you have any questions or to request an application, please inquire at

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