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[Commlist] Call for Chapter: Handbook of Research on Political Revolution and Activism in the Computer Age

Tue Feb 26 22:07:13 GMT 2019

Call for Chapters:  Handbook of Research on Political Revolution and

 Technology and particularly the Internet have brought about many changes
in the realm of politics.  Revolutions in many countries in the Middle
East and North Africa have started in large part due to social networking
websites like Facebook and Twitter.  Social networking has also played a
role in protests and riots in numerous countries.  The whistleblower
website Wikileaks has had a tremendous impact in exposing government
corruption.  The mainstream media no longer has a monopoly on political
commentary as anybody can set up a blog or post a video online.  Political
activists can network together online.  Aspects of engineering, computer
science, mathematics, or natural science can be applied to political
activism.  Potential topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

Political Revolutions, Political Protests, and Other Citizen Activism in
the Computer Age
•	case studies
•	electronic civil disobedience
•	future research directions
•	hacktivism
•	online petitions
•	online vigilantism
•	role of social networking in political protests
•	role of social networking in political revolutions
•	role of social networking in political revolutions in the Middle East
and North Africa
•	role of social networking in political riots
 Online Political Expression in the Computer Age
•	case studies
•	cyberbullying and cyberlibel against activists
•	future research directions
•	online political videos
•	parliamentary informatics
•	political blogs
•	political vlogs
 Whistleblowing in the Computer Age
•	advantages and disadvantages of transparency
•	case studies
•	future research directions
•	lawsuits against whistleblowers
•	transparency
•	whistleblower persecution
•	whistleblower prosecution
•	whistleblower protection
•	whistleblower websites and webpages
•	whistleblowing
•	Wikileaks
 Engineering, Math, and Science in Political Activism
•	case studies
•	computational politics (application of computer science or mathematics
to politics)
•	forecasting in political activism
•	future research directions
•	modeling in political activism
•	optimization methods in political activism
•	political engineering (application of engineering, computer science,
mathematics, or natural science to politics)
•	simulation in political activism
•	software tools in political activism
•	uncertainty management in political activism
•	visualization in political activism

applications of •	analytics to political activism
•	computational intelligence methods to political activism
•	computer science in political activism
•	confirmatory data analysis to political activism
•	data analysis to political activism
•	data dissemination to political activism
•	data fusion to political activism
•	data integration to political activism
•	data mining to political activism
•	data modeling to political activism
•	data-driven decision making in political activism
•	decision theory to political activism
•	engineering in political activism
•	evolutionary computation to political activism
•	exploratory data analysis to political activism
•	fuzzy logic to political activism
•	game theory to political activism
•	genetic algorithms to political activism
•	graph theory to political activism
•	knowledge-based systems to political activism
•	machine learning methods to political activism
•	mathematics in political activism
•	multidimensional matrix mathematics to political activism
•	natural science in political activism
•	neural computing to political activism
•	neural networks to political activism
•	operations research in political activism
•	pattern recognition to political activism
•	predictive analytics to political activism
•	statistics to political activism
•	text analytics to political activism

Publisher:  IGI Global
•	Publisher website:
•	Submit your chapter in Microsoft Word format through the eEditorial
Discovery? system by March 31, 2019.  Please use the following link when
submitting your chapter:
•	If you aren’t sure if your chapter fits within the scope of the book,
you can send a one paragraph abstract to the editor.  The editor will get
back to you within two days about whether your chapter fits within the
scope of the book.  The full chapter will still be reviewed.
•	One or more of the author(s) of each submitted chapter will be expected
to review another submitted chapter.  If you want to otherwise be a
reviewer, let me know.  Every person who reviews a chapter will be listed
in the editorial advisory board, which will be published in the book.
 Important Dates
 Chapter submission deadline:  March 31, 2019
Chapter review results:  April 30, 2019
Chapter revisions submission deadline:  May 31, 2019
Final acceptance results:  June 15, 2019
Final chapter and forms submission deadline:  June 30, 2019


Ashu M. G. Solo

Email address for inquiries:  (amgsolo /at/

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