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[Commlist] Call for papers: Pope Francis and the Media

Sun Feb 10 21:32:16 GMT 2019

/Problemi dell'Informazione/ is an Italian journal of Media and Communication Research. It is an international academic refereed journal published by Il Mulino in Italy. Principal Editor:Carlo Sorrentino.

Here ( its national and international board.

*_Call for Papers_Special Issue*

*‘/Pope Francis and the Media/’.*
(Special Issue: Edited by
Guido Gili, Università degli studi del Molise
Carlo Nardella, Università Statale di Milano)

Religion and media are more closely intertwined than ever before. Media play an increasingly central role in making religions publicly visible. The “mediatization of religion”, a long-term process through which the media have become integrated into the workings of religious organizations, is variable and dependent on social and institutional contexts. Under Pope Francis, the Catholic Church has developed and specified the particular form of the religion-media relationship shaped under Pope John Paul II. His innovation follows from an ability to construct a simple, direct, and widely accessible message that hinges, on the one hand, on the promotion of compassion and solidarity, and on the other, on the recognition of problematic situations within and beyond the Catholic Church. The Pope’s new way of communicating through and with the media is essential, as is the fact that he derives from it his huge popularity. It is a way of communicating that – it is important to note – also acknowledges the existence of oppositions and criticism, related for example to the scandals and inner conflicts that have recently challenged the Holy See’s global image. The interest in his persona, his popularity, and the particular opposition he confronts, have attracted the attention of commentators and scholars, which has produced a considerable volume of publications on Francis’ figure and on his papacy. Nonetheless, only a small number of these publications focus on the relationship between the Pope, Catholic institutions, and the media. Perspective made even more interesting by the fact that the pope's presence and message spread today not only on traditional media, but also on digital media.

The N. 3 2019 of "Problemi dell’informazione" provides an opportunity to broaden and deepen this empirical and conceptual perspective and in particular to investigate the dynamics and meanings of the relationship between Francis and the media, by recognizing its continuities and innovations. More specifically, this call for papers invites contributions that address themes related to:

•    Media and issues of authority
•    Digital media strategies
•    Papal images and their meanings
•    The Church’s crisis and the media
•    News coverage of papal visits
•    Theology and philosophy of communication
•    Pope Francis’s discourse and his media representation
•    The Catholic Church and the Internet

*Submission of proposals*

Deadline for abstract submission is March 5, 2019
Abstract:  250 words maximum (references not included)

Full papers will be due June 10, 2019 and will undergo a double-blind peer review procedure. Papers: length between max 8000 words maximum (including notes and references)

Papers in English and Italian are accepted.

Submissions should be sent to:

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