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[Commlist] Journal of New Zealand and Pacific Studies: Special Issue: Photography in the Pacific

Thu Feb 07 22:41:17 GMT 2019

Journal of New Zealand and Pacific Studies

Print ISSN 2050-4039 | Online ISSN 2050-4047
2 issue per year | First published in 2013

Photography in the Pacific:
A Special Issue of the Journal of New Zealand and Pacific Studies

Guest Edited by Prue Ahrens, Max Quanchi, and Heather Waldroup

The Journal of New Zealand and Pacific Studies invites contributions
that offer new insight into early photography in the Pacific from the
nineteenth century until the start of the Pacific War in 1941. Papers
may consider photographs produced within this timeframe in the Pacific
Islands or New Zealand, or contemporary uses and re-uses of early
photographs from this region. Papers comparing early Pacific Islands
or New Zealand photographs with images from other nations or areas
will also be considered.

Although photography was (and in many ways remains) a tool of colonial
power, Pacific people have also used photography for their own
purposes, both as individual portraits and as circulated images.

Papers might address the following issues:

What was significant about the photographic medium as a form of
documentation for the Pacific Islands?
How did photography’s ability to be collected and circulated impact
Pacific Island visual culture production?
How has photography, long a tool of colonial power, become a potential
conduit for decolonial articulations?
How are early photographs from the region being reused or reimagined
in an artistic sense or for purposes of cultural heritage or
How does photography in the Pacific intersect with art/visual culture,
literature, science, anthropology, race, gender/sexuality, and/or

Original interviews (for example, with an artist, curator, or
archivist) are also welcome, as are reports between 1000 and 3500

Formats considered may include individual images or prints,
photographic series, albums, postcards, lantern slides, or illustrated
books. Essays may discuss topics and genres including specific
photographers or studios, travel photography, official reports,
expedition photography, commercial/professional or vernacular
photography, Pictorialism, photojournalism, or propaganda.

The Journal of New Zealand and Pacific Studies is a double-blind
refereed journal. Articles, accompanied by a short bio, need to be
between 5000 and 8000 words including notes and references, and must
be formatted according to the journal style guide

Deadline for submissions is 31 August 2019, with publication in June
2020. Please submit articles and enquiries to Heather Waldroup,
(waldrouphl /at/

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