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[Commlist] New anthology from Nordicom: Close and Distant: Political Executive–Media Relations in Four Countries

Tue Jan 29 13:08:29 GMT 2019

New anthologyfrom Nordicom

Close and Distant

Political Executive–Media Relations in Four Countries

Editors:Karl Magnus Johansson and Gunnar Nygren

Download pdf (OA) or order a print copy:


Preface and acknowledgments

        Gunnar Nygren,Karl Magnus Johansson

The interplay of media and the political executive. Introduction and framework


        Risto Niemikari,Tapio Raunio,Tom Moring

Finland: Informal interdependence and occasional clashes

        Auksė Balčytienė,Milda Malling

Lithuania: Media-politics interaction shaped by benefits-oriented reasoning

        Bogusława Dobek-Ostrowska,Jacek Nożewski

Poland: Independent vs servile relationships

        Karl Magnus Johansson,Milda Malling,Gunnar Nygren

Sweden: A professionally symbiotic relationship


        Karl Magnus Johansson, Tapio Raunio

Government communication in a comparative perspective

        Elena Johansson

Social media in political communication. A substitute for conventional media?

        Milda Malling

Power and exchange in formal and informal interaction between journalists and their sources

        Gunnar Nygren,Risto Niemikari

Media logics as parts of the political toolkit. A critical discussion on theories of mediatisation of politics

        Auksė Balčytienė,Tom Moring

Variations in political communication culture. New forms of political parallelisms and media-politics coalitions


        Karl Magnus Johansson,Gunnar Nygren

Locked in a mutual dependency. Media and the political executive in close interplay

List of abbreviations


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