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[Commlist] CFP for ICA 2019 Preconference: "Communicating with Machines: Boundless Imagination"

Fri Jan 25 22:39:52 GMT 2019

CFP for ICA 2019 Preconference
"Communicating with Machines: Boundless Imagination"
Date: May 24 (Friday)
Time: Full-day
Location: Conference hotel

Submission due date: January 31 (Extended abstracts)

Brief description:
As information communication technology continues to develop and merge, we are increasingly interacting with digital interlocutors such as voice-based agents, chatbots, and social robots. We also are sending and receiving messages to and from wearable devices. We directly interact with the technologies surrounding us, and digital entities have been and continue to stand in for humans in everyday communication contexts. In the past few years alone, a whole host of robotic and digital technologies, from Apple's Siri to Softbank’s Pepper, have been made available to the average consumer. This recent surge of digital interlocutors into everyday routines has been accompanied by questions regarding the ramifications of these technologies and our interactions with them. Scholars and practitioners of communication are uniquely situated to be leaders in discussions in Human-Machine Communication (HMC).

In HMC, technology is conceptualized as more than a channel or medium: it enters into the role of a communicator, and the messages flow between and among humans and machines. In this preconference, we will focus on the individual, cultural, and philosophical implications of such interactions. Possible topic areas for participant presentations include, but are not limited to, communicative practices between humans and digital interlocutors, the incorporation of AI into journalism and other media industries, the integration of artificial entities into private, professional, and political spaces, the cultural discourse surrounding these technologies, relationship dynamics between humans and machines, reinterpretations and representations of humans as digital entities, and intercultural aspects of HMC. We invite scholars from ICA’s many divisions to discuss their work regarding the individual, cultural, and philosophical implications of machine/digital interventions. We seek to raise awareness of and further develop HMC research and the scholarly community surrounding it.

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