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[Commlist] Joint Call for Video Presentations at IAMCR 2019 conference

Thu Jan 24 20:31:24 GMT 2019

A reminder:

Invitation to submit proposals for Video Presentations
to the IAMCR 2019 conference

Five IAMCR sections and working groups (S&WGs) have launched an experimental initiative to call for video presentations for the IAMCR 2019 conference ( These sections and working groups are: The Participatory Communication Research Section (PCR), the Community Communication and Alternative Media Section (CCAM), the Popular Culture Working Group (POC), the Media and Sport Section (MES) and the Environment, Science and Risk Communication Working Group (ESR).

This initiative is driven by the need to make headway towards virtual conference participation. The five participating S&WGs, supported by IAMCR’s Executive Board, believe that the association cannot remain blind to the environmental impact that our conferences have, or to the unfortunate exclusions that characterize current conference models. As IAMCR members, we all have an ethical-ecological responsibility here. Moreover, the five S&WGs believe that we should also acknowledge and stimulate the creative opportunities that video presentations can offer to conference presenters.

This is why these five participating S&WGs call on IAMCR members to submit proposals for video presentations. As this is an experiment, proposals for video presentations can only be submitted to the five participating S&WGs (PCR, CCAM, POC, MES and ESR), and not to other IAMCR sections and working groups. Each of the participating S&WGs will accept a maximum of 10% video presentations of the total number of accepted conference presentations, based upon a regular review of the submitted abstract. They will each program maximum one video presentation per conference panel.

Submissions of proposals for video presentations will follow the regular procedures for submitting proposals to the IAMCR conference. This means that abstracts must be submitted from 3 December 2018 through 8 February 2019. We ask you to kindly submit proposals in good time at the abstract submission site –

Submissions must address the themes proposed by the given section or working group in its own call for proposals.

If you are submitting a proposal for a video presentation, consult the "Technical note for IAMCR conference video presentations" ( The technical note must be read in conjuncture with this call for video presentations.

Please keep the following specific requirements for video presentations in mind:

-The call for video presentations is only open to IAMCR members. These are members of the organization that are in good standing, with all their membership fees paid, at the moment of the abstract submission deadline (8 February 2019). -In addition to the elements that should be included in a regular abstract (such as a research question, theoretical framework, methods, etc.), submitted abstracts will also have to contain a clear description of the format of the video presentation. The length of the entire abstract should be between 300 and 500 words. -The general rule of the maximum number of submissions still applies: Under no circumstances should there be more than two (2) abstracts bearing the name of the same author, either individually or as part of any group of authors.

Authors of accepted video presentations will have to keep the following in mind.

-Authors of accepted of video presentations will be expected to pay a conference registration fee set at 50% of the normal fee for participants in the same category and country income level, if the presenter doesn’t attend the conference. If the author of the video presentation also attends the conference, the full conference fee has to be paid. -Video presenters will be responsible themselves for uploading their videos, and for providing a download link, before the regular “full papers” submission deadline, which is 7 June 2019. There will be one feedback loop for submitted videos, with a maximum duration of one week, which means that acceptance is conditional, and poor-quality videos can still be rejected.
-Video presentations will have a maximum duration of 12 minutes.
-Presenters are requested to do more than producing a “talking heads video”. Creativity is, in other words, welcomed. -Presenters are requested to consider subtitling their video in one of the working languages of IAMCR (English, Spanish or French) other than the main language used in the video. -Video presentations will have to follow the technical guidelines produced by the participating S&WGs ( -At least one of the authors is required to be available (live, on Skype or an alternative endorsed by the relevant S&WG) immediately after their video presentation screening, in order to answer questions from the audience.

Consult the detailed Calls for Proposals of the participating sections and working groups at the links below:

Participatory Communication Research - PCR

Community Communication and Alternative Media - CCAM

Popular Culture - POC

Media and Sport - MES

Environment, Science & Risk Communication - ESR

Consult the Technical note for IAMCR conference video presentations
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