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[Commlist] call for papers "La valle dell'Eden" #35

Wed Jan 23 22:03:03 GMT 2019


# 35

June – December 2019

*East of Eden/La Valle dell’Eden – New seriesJournal of Cinema, Photography, Media *

*Director*: Grazia Paganelli (Museo Nazionale del Cinema)

*Editors:* Giaime Alonge (Università di Torino), Giulia Carluccio (Università di Torino), Luca Malavasi (Università di Genova), Federica Villa (Università di Pavia).

*Advisory board*:Paolo Bertetto (Università di Roma “La Sapienza”), Francesco Casetti (Yale University), Richard Dyer (King’s College London), Ruggero Eugeni (Università Cattolica “Sacro Cuore” di Milano), Tom Gunning (University of Chicago), Giacomo Manzoli (Università di Bologna), Enrico Menduni (Università di Roma 3), Catherine O’Rawe (University of Bristol), Peppino Ortoleva (Università di Torino), Guglielmo Pescatore (Università di Bologna), Francesco Pitassio (Università di Udine), Jacqueline Reich (Fordham University), Rosa Maria Salvatore (Università di Padova), Antonio Somaini (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III), Pierre Sorlin (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3), Veronica Pravadelli (Univeristà di Roma 3).

*Editorial board*:Silvio Alovisio (Università di Torino), Alessandro Amaducci (Università di Torino), Luca Barra, (Università di Bologna), Claudio Bisoni (Università di Bologna), Gabriele D’Autilia (Università di Teramo), Raffaele De Berti (Università di Milano), Ilaria De Pascalis (Università di Bologna), Damiano Garofalo (Università di Roma “La Sapienza”), Michele Guerra (Università di Parma), Ilario Meandri (Università di Torino), Andrea Minuz (Università di Roma “La Sapienza”), Emiliano Morreale (Università di Roma “La Sapienza”), Mariapaola Pierini (Università di Torino), Franco Prono (Università di Torino), Chiara Simonigh (Università di Torino), Andrea Valle (Università di Torino).

*Editorial staff:*Lorenzo Donghi (Università di Pavia), Riccardo Fassone (Università di Torino), Giuliana Galvagno (Università di Torino), Ismaela Goss (Università di Genova), Andrea Mattacheo (Università di Torino), Matteo Pollone (Università di Torino), Gabriele Rigola (Università di Torino), Hamilton Santià (Università di Torino), Jacopo Tomatis (Università di Torino), Sara Tongiani (Università di Genova), Deborah Toschi (Università di Pavia).

*Editorial staff coordination:*

Cristina Colet (Università di Torino), Giulia Muggeo (Università di Torino).

*Self Media Studies*

*Self-image from social networking to big data*

Edited by Federica Villa

The relevance of self portraiture and autobiographical practices implied in our condition of technological subjects leads to an unavoidable shift in understanding media experiences. The jagged geography of  the Self in image has extended its reach to the point of reorienting media theory from mass media to self media, thus prefiguring a veritable paradigm shift: whereas once media were analyzed as sites of articulation of cultural and identitary figures found within a community, or tools to promote habits, rituals, common experiences, both normative and participative, top-down or bottom-up, it is now increasingly more common to analyze the ways in which the Self is externalized in media.

This special issue of “La Valle dell’Eden” aims at reflecting on the process of externalization of the Self in contemporary media technologies. This reflection pivots around three ways in which the relation between subjects and media has come to define itself. After a first wave of self-media, centered around new technologies used to say the self (e.g. social networking sites), the second phase revolved around using media as self-saying (self narratives). Finally, and more recently, media themselves acted as generators of self-representations, by saying, in our stead, of our selves (quantified-self tracking).

Cinema profoundly interacts with this change of paradigm, being at the same time a witness and an agent of this substantial phenomenon that we can label as “autoconfiguration of Self through technology”. On the one hand, there are many films that deal with the topic of digital identity. On the other hand, the film image becomes more and more a site of experimentation, a tool to create forms of self-communication and self-visualization, in connection with social practices.

The issue will be focused on two main questions:

A)from a theoretical perspective, we want to study the current shift to Self Media Studies, in connection to specific issues, such as memory, identity, care, tecno-ethics;

B)from an analytical perspective, we want to produce a map of this phenomenon, with a particular focus on the areas of big data and digital identities


Every paper will be read at least by two non blind referees, who will evaluate and discuss the essays both with their authors and the editorial board. The referees will be either members of the advisory board, the editorial board or the editorial staff, or scholars not linked to the journal, both Italian and foreigner. This way, /La Valle dell’Eden/East of Eden/ chooses a system of open review, in the perspective of a broad and agile discussion with contributors, in order to promote a non ritual and not too long review process, with a frank and productive dialogue between the authors and the journal.

*Submission and deadline*

Interested authors should submit a 500-word abstract by *February 28* to *Federica Villa* ((federica.villa /at/ <mailto:(federica.villa /at/>) and *(eden /at/ <mailto:(eden /at/>*. The first draft of the accepted article (max 4.000/5.000 words) is expected to be submitted by *May 31*.  Abstracts and papers both in English or Italian will be considered.

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