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[Commlist] call for abstracts - Media Activism- WPCC journal

Sun Jan 20 18:43:41 GMT 2019

This is a repeat but final call for abstracts: submissions considered up to the end of 21 January.


*MEDIA ACTIVISM: Special issue*

*Call for abstracts.*

In a time of political upheaval with the extreme right on the rise globally, and the techniques of fascism (populism, propaganda and fake news, hate speech and rise of hate crimes) dominating discourse around societal and political issues, what is the potential for /progressive/ activists to use the media to enable resistance and open up space for alternatives? This special issue emphasises the importance of collective action and media visibility (Meikle, 2018; Tilly & Wood, 2013; Melucci, 1996) in generating positive change.

We define activism as the widest range of attempts to effect social or cultural change (Meikle, 2018: iii), while the media includes a broad range of communication platforms, from traditional journalism to digital networks.

We welcome papers on the subject of (but not limited to):

-       Algorithmic activism

-       Novel ways of adaptation of the long established repertoire of activist tactics to the Internet, preferably based on recent case studies

-       Hashtag activism

-       Tactical media (e.g. the use of established media to disrupt the discourse, or the new media that are specifically crafted for activism)

-       Anti-hate activism

-       Changing the frame. The application of psychological insights that fuel both online and offline strategies, for example countering those frames that 'other¹ refugees and trigger values of fear and anger

-        (Post) Feminist activism

-       Environmental activism

-       Activism in restricted media environments

-       Active and re-active activism

-       Whistleblowers and journalistic activism

-       Imagining a post-Brexit activism, addressing the crisis in democracy

This special issue invites the most recent theoretical interventions and empirical research that explores how media activism across the globe opposes the current crises in Western democracies and beyond.

*Co-editors:* Michaela O¹Brien, Assistant Head of School of Media and Communication; Dr Anastasia Denisova, Lecturer in Journalism, Communication and Media Research Institute, University of Westminster

*Deadline for abstracts*:

Please submit a 250 words abstract by *21 January 2019 *by sending an email to (wpcc2015 /at/ <mailto:(wpcc2015 /at/>. You will receive feedback from editors/WPCC shortly after the 21st.


*Deadline for full papers:*

Full papers are expected by 25 March 2019. All papers will go through double peer-review.

Publication date: June-July 2019

WPCC is an open access journal and there are no fees for contributors. Published by the University of Westminster Press <> in conjunction with CAMRI <>. All content in this issue and in its archive is available free to read.


Meikle, G. 2018  (ed.) /The Routledge Companion to Media and Activism/. Abingdon: Routledge

Melucci, A. (1996). /Challenging Codes: Collective Action in the Information Age/. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Tilly, C. and Wood, L. J. 2013. /Social Movements, 1768-2012/ (3rd ed.) Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers.

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