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[Commlist] Doctorales 2019 / Doctoral Symposium 2019 of the French society for information and communication sciences (SFSIC)

Wed Jan 16 14:35:28 GMT 2019

Call for papers & posters
*Doctoral Symposium 2019 of the French society for information and communication sciences (SFSIC) Mulhouse, June 12- 14*
In collaboration with DGPuK , SACM

*Deadline*for paper and poster submissions* 13/02/2019 midnight GMT+*

*The doctoral days will be held on June 12, 13 and 14, 2019
Address: Campus Fonderie - 16, rue de la Fonderie - Mulhouse, France;


The French Society of Information and Communication Sciences (SFSIC) in collaboration with Center for the study of economies, societies, arts and technologies (CRESAT), a multidisciplinary research lab of the University of Haute Alsace (UHA), organizes this year’s Doctoral Symposium “Les Doctorales” from June 12th to 14th, 2019 in Mulhouse, Alsace, close to the German and Swiss border. For this edition and for the first time, our sister societies, the German communication association (DGPuK) and the Swiss Association  of communication and media research (SACMR) are joining this international and cross-border event.

Every two years, young French communication scholars meet at the Doctorales to solicit constructive feedback from seasoned researchers on their work and to meet their potential future colleagues. The call for this event is open and the initiative is supported by most universities and research institutes in the field. Presented topics vary greatly, including e.g. the reception of social media, public communication etc. (see below for more). The diversity of themes makes for a very rich environment and allows participants to get an idea of information, communication and media studies today. Ideally in second to fourth year of their PhD, students will present their analysis of results or theoretical reconceptualization. They get a window of opportunity to look at their thesis from very diverse, international, perspectives allowing the authors to strengthen and confirm their very own approach. Feedback is always given in a constructive manner. First year PhD’s can hand in a poster to present their emerging framework and theoretical position.

As academic careers internationalize and the job market transcends borders, taking the opportunity to meet not only confirmed French and Belgian, but also Swiss and German researchers will allow the participants to better understand the international prerequisites and to get a grasp of academic ecosystems and prominent theories. *_English presentations are welcome !_*

Our common goal is thus threefold:
- Encourage benevolent and understanding exchanges and debates between young researchers and experienced colleagues, but also between PhD students, in order to strengthen our community today and prepare the future. - Discover new research topics through current dissertations (i.e. but not limited to organizational, territorial, public and cultural communication, design, gender issues, digital culture, uses and practices of digital media, open publishing, data journalism, media logics, digital humanities, trace production and analysis, the challenge of digital data, media literacy and education, digital methods, digital materialism, socio-economic approaches to communication and media etc.) in order to legitimize a communication approach based on sharing and exchange. - Come together to share our skills and approaches, developing in particular an international and cross-border perspective in order to get to know better the scientific environment of our partner countries and of our own professional practices in order to reinforce the skills of PhD students in this respect.

A privileged moment of scientific conviviality, the "Doctorales" are a special and precious place in space and time that contributes as much to the immersion of doctoral students in the SIC community during three days, as to the keeping up by researchers on current work and the renewal of research paradigms. The presentation of their work in progress allows doctoral students to be confronted with other intra-disciplinary approaches, develop their own scientific argument and, thus we hope, deepen their own research. For experienced researchers, associate or full professors, who come to listen and support them, these presentations are an opportunity to profit from the diversity of issues and thus renew a debate on the theoretical and methodological frameworks that characterize our discipline.

*Procedures for a proposal*
*Two possibilities are open to PhD students, depending on permission from their director or thesis supervisor:
*1.     Proposal for a full paper (only for at least second year PhD students)*
*The proposal, whatever the subject of research, will be structured along the following elements : -       problematization (research question, reflection, research hypotheses, theoretical position); -       research methodology (i.e. comprehensive approach, experimental approach, quantitative survey, qualitative work, action research, archival analysis, corpus analysis, discourse analysis, analysis of questionnaires, analysis of interviews, etc.); -       positioning the proposal to show how the proposed study is based on approaches specific to the field of information and communication sciences and contributes to its methodological work.

There are no thematic restrictions
The proposal will include a single document consisting of two texts:
- A titled abstract of 1000 characters with max. five matching keywords,
- A text of 6000 characters maximum (bibliography included).
The proposal shall be uploaded to the platform in .doc format, after being anonymized (no personal references to the author's publications whose name will be replaced by the word "author"). The uploading author will receive an automatic deposit confirmation. However, this deposit will be effective only if the letter from the supervisor is sent in pdf format before midnight GMT + 1 on February 13, 2019 to the following address : (comite.scientifique /at/ <mailto:(comite.scientifique /at/> (keep the original as it will be needed later).  For any question pertaining to the technical aspects of this process, contact (sandrine.roginsky /at/ .  No proposal sent via email will be processed.

Conscious that the proposals come from doctoral students, the scientific committee will, in a caring manner, proceed to a "double blind" evaluation of the anonymized proposals and send an answer to the author, and only the one who has filed the proposal, on Mars, 4, 2019. The papers shall be presented in 20 minutes followed by a discussion of 15 minutes. They can be accompanied by a slide show (with a max. of 15 slides) The final texts (20 000 characters, including the bibliography) will be published online, as Proceedings on the Doctorales-website only if the paper was actually presented by its author. The written papers shall be uploaded to the platform before Mai 13, 2019 midnight.

*English language publications are accepted and encouraged.

*_2.     Proposal for posters (reserved for doctoral students in 1st year)
Doctoral students in the 1st year of their PhD can, with the agreement of their supervisor, present their work in poster format. In this case, the emphasis will be placed on their terrain, their survey methodology, the very first results or the theoretical framework. The content of the poster must be displayed in a single document containing a summary of 150 words and a detailed plan (title - subtitle - 5 max explanatory lines per subtitle), which may only be submitted online via the platform before midnight February 13, 2019, GMT+1.

The uploading author will receive an automatic deposit confirmation but this deposit will be effective only if the letter from the supervisor is sent in pdf format before midnight GMT + 1 on February 13, 2019 to the following address : (comite.scientifique /at/ (keep the original as it will be needed later).

For any question pertaining to the technical aspects of this process, contact (sandrine.roginsky /at/ <mailto:(sandrine.roginsky /at/>. No posters sent via email will be processed.

Even though the scientific committee will not select poster proposals, it reserves itself the right to inspect the posters submitted in PDF format before May 13, 2019 via the platform. The room for the display of posters during the Doctoral Symposium requires the following characteristics to be met: ISO1 A0, portrait orientation, 118.9 cm x 84.1 cm. We recommend to not compose the poster as a collage of a small set of documents (eg. several A4 documents), but to rather use a single page with the required dimensions. The documents exceeding those dimensions may not be accepted, but smaller dimensions will be.

*English language posters are accepted.
Scientific Committee :

Presidents :

Alemanno Sylvie (PU / Cnam Paris), VP SFSIC
Bessières Dominique (MCF/ Université Rennes 2), VP SFSIC
Domenget Jean-Claude (MCF HDR / Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté), VP SFSIC

Membres :
Averbeck-Lietz Stefanie (PR / Universität Bremen)
Bonfils Philippe (PU / Université de Toulon), president SFSIC
Bonnet Fabien (MCF / Université de Haute-Alsace), VP SFSIC
Bouillaguet Emilie (Docteure), SFSIC
Bourdaa Mélanie (MCF / Université Bordeaux Montaigne), SFSIC
Chaudet Bruno (MCF / Université Rennes 2), VP SFSIC
Collet Laurent (MCF / Université de Toulon), SFSIC
Cordonnier Sarah (MCF / Université Lyon 2), SFSIC
Delabroise Fabrice (PR / Université de Lille), SFSIC
Gallot Sidonie (MCF / Université de Montpellier 3), SFSIC
Gramaccia Gino (PR / Université Bordeaux Montaigne), SFSIC
Ingenhoff Diana (PR / Université de Fribourg), président SSCM
Kailuweit Rolf (PR / Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf)
Künzler Mathias (PR / HTW Chur), SSCM
Labardens-Corroy Laurence (MCF HDR / Université Paris 3), VP SFSIC
Lafon Benoit (PR / Université Grenoble-Alpes), SFSIC
Lamy Aurélia (MCF / Lille1), SFSIC
Le Moënne Christian (PR / Université Rennes 2), SFSIC
Maas Elise ( Professeur / IHECS Bruxelles), VP SFSIC
Mitropoulou Eleni (PR /UHA), CRESAT
Paquienseguy Françoise (PR / IEP Lyon), SFSIC
Peil Corinna (Dr / Universität Salzburg), ÖGK
Péquignot Julien (MCF / Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté), SFSIC
Rinsdorf Lars (PR / Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart), président DGPuK
Roginsky Sandrine (PU / Université catholique de Louvain), SFSIC
Roth Catherine (MCF / UHA), CRESAT
Rothenberger Liane (Ass.Pr / TU Ilmenau)
Scopsi Claire (MCF / Cnam Paris), SFSIC
Viallon Philippe (PR / Université de Strasbourg)
Von Pape Thilo (MCF / Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté)
Weder Franzisca (Ass.Pr / Universität Klagenfurt), président ÖGK
Wilhelm Carsten (MCF / Université de Haute-Alsace), VP SFSIC

*Practical information :*

Timeline for submission

  * Website opens for submission 17/12/2018 midnight GMT+1
  * *Deadline for paper and poster submissions
    **   13/02/2019 midnight GMT+*
  * *Deadline for supervisor’s letter to (comite.scientifique /at/
    <mailto:(comite.scientifique /at/> 13/02/2019 midnight GMT+1*
  * Feedback from the scientific committee to the author 04/03/2019
  * Deadline for camera ready papers and posters 13/05/2019 midnight GMT+1
  * Closing of submissions-website 13/05/2019 midnight GMT+1
  * Publication of the Doctorales program 27/05/2019

*The doctoral days will be held on June 12, 13 and 14,
Address: Campus Fonderie - 16, rue de la Fonderie - 68093 Mulhouse;

* for more info on registration :

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