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[Commlist] CFP: Counter-Hegemonic Epistemologies as Innovation and/or Contestation

Mon Jan 14 19:14:29 GMT 2019

This is a call for contributions to 4S Open Panel No. 28: Counter-Hegemonic Epistemologies as Innovation and/or Contestation <>. The official call can be found below. This open panel could include papers on a myriad of subjects having to do with different systems of knowledge coming up against one another, such as the following:

    - Silences, Imaginaries, Ethics, and Mistrust: Identifying and
    Interacting with Suspicious Researchers in Archives

    - Pharmacological Self-Experimentation: How do techniques of
    self-quantification shape popular discourses of wellness?

    - Indigenous knowledge systems and their relationship to Museums'
    institutionalized forms of coloniality

    - Looking to Black Mountain College for pedagogical innovation in
    arts education

    - Ghost hunting: pseudoscientific methods in the post-truth era

*Submissions are due on February 1, 2019.*

Please contact the organizers Yvonne Eadon (UCLA), (ymeadon /at/ <mailto:(ymeadon /at/>; and James Hodges (Rutgers) (James.hodges /at/ <mailto:(James.hodges /at/> with any questions. Full CFP text below:

    "Resistance to dominant modes of thinking, knowing, and doing can
    take a variety of forms– and often results in the production of new
    epistemological communities of practice. The counter-hegemonic
    epistemologies of conspiracy theorists, self-experimenters, citizen
    scientists, marginalized and oppressed communities, and members of
    many other knowledge domains frequently embody narratives and ways
    of knowing that run against the dominant paradigms of their social
    and historical contexts. Thomas Kuhn’s work on paradigm shifts is
    just one example of the turmoil around shifts in dominant scientific
    epistemology. In many cases, critical or disruptive epistemologies
    are met by those in power with skepticism and even fear.

    This open panel calls for case studies addressing counter-hegemonic
    epistemologies in the fields of history of science and technology,
    as well as STS, information studies, education, media studies, and
    other relevant disciplines. We are particularly interested in
    research that brings a comparative historical perspective to bear on
    the continuously contested nature of dominant knowledge systems.
    Some points to consider could be: how have specific
    counter-narratives affected the dominant discourses in the fields
    that they challenge? Alternatively, how do dominant discourses
    overpower counter-hegemonic epistemologies? What kinds of contexts
    does this happen in, and what are the social, political, and
    historical implications of such contestation? We welcome submissions
    that address communities including but not limited to alternative
    education, decolonial science and technology, clandestine chemistry,
    whistleblowing, harm reduction, and radical politics. By bringing
    such disparate ways of knowing into contact, our panel aims to build
    towards a robust account of the innovation and contestation that
    prevail among counter-hegemonic epistemological communities."

If you would like to submit, please visit the 4S website and upload your 250-word abstract to 4S Open Panel No. 28: Counter-Hegemonic Epistemologies asInnovation and/or Contestation <>. The deadline is February 1, 2019. We look forward to your contributions!

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