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[Commlist] Open access articles on “Youth Public and Political”–Sociální studia/Social Studies 15(2)

Tue Jan 08 12:53:09 GMT 2019

*O**pen access articles on “Youth Public and Political” – Sociální studia/Social Studies 15(2)*

Sociální studia/Social Studies 15(2) has been published. The content is available in English through open access at

This special issue is on “Youth Public and Political: Young People as (Ir)relevant Actors in the Realm of Citizenship” and contains also articles interesting to *communication science*.

Table of Contents:

·Editorial: Youth Public and Political: Young People as (Ir)Relevant Actors in the Realm of Citizenship <>, Jakub Macek, Alena Macková, Jan Šerek, p.5-7

·Youth in the Kaleidoscope: Civic Participation Types in Estonia the Czech Republic <>, Mai Beilmann, Veronika Kalmus, Jakub Macek, Alena Macková, Jan Šerek, p. 11-33

·It’s More than Just Debating: The Political Participation and Democratic Attitudes of Debate Programme Participants in Seven “New” Democracies <>, Anne Valkering, Miroslav Nemčok, George Matu, Peter Spáč, p.35-53

·Cognitive, Affective, or No Engagement? How Young Adults in Austria Deal with Media Coverage on the EU <>, Christina Ortner, p. 55-73

·Italian Young People Through the Lens of Youth Policies <>, Davide Mazzoni, Elvira Cicognani, Chiara Cifatte, Cinzia Albanesi, Bruna Zani, Lorenzo Floresta, p. 75-96

·The Significance of Ethnography in Youth Participation Research: Active Citizenship in the UK after the Brexit Vote <>, Shakuntala Banaji, Sam Mejias, Benjamín de la Pava Vélez, p. 97-115

·Essay: Hybrid Ludic Engagement: A Manifesto <>, Klára Šimůnková, p. 119-143

About Sociální studia/Social Studies:

Established in 2004, Sociální studia/Social Studies is an academic peer-reviewed journal published by Masaryk University. The journal is primarily aimed at a sociological readership, but its orientation is pluralistic and interdisciplinary. It is published twice a year, *fully open access* and its archive is freely accessible. It is indexed in major databases, including SCOPUS and ERIH PLUS. For more information see:

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