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[Commlist] New Book: Transmedia Archaeology in Latin America

Tue Jan 08 12:48:08 GMT 2019

Colleagues may be interested in the publication of the following new book:

*Transmedia Archaeology in Latin America: Miscegenation, Identities and Convergences *

*_Edited by Camilo Tamayo Gómez, Matthew Freeman & Esteban Morales Velásquez_*

/Transmedia Archeology in Latin America: Miscegenation, Identities and Convergences/ examines the role of transmediality on historical fiction and nonfiction narratives in South American countries, spanning Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. The book explores the particular characteristics of the stories told in various media and their evolution over time, exploring in particular how these narratives have helped in the configuration and construction of identity in Latin America. More broadly, its analysis of various cases of fiction and nonfiction production from a transmedia archaeological perspective account for the specific ways in which multiple transmedia narratives have been produced since the second half of the 20th century in Latin America.

/Table of Contents:/
/1. Introduction
/– Camilo Tamayo Gómez, Esteban Morales Velásquez & //Matthew Freeman/

2. The Concept of Transmedia Archaeology
/– Matthew Freeman/

3. Transmedia Narratives and Construction of Identities in Latin America
/– Camilo Tamayo Gómez/

4. Argentina: Maradona - The Hand of God in a Transmedia Legacy
/– Esteban Morales Velásquez/
/5. Brazil: The Cangaço, Historical Legend in Transmedia - Analysis of Latin American Audiences Addressing the History of the Cangaço in Brazil
/– Jenniffer A. Martinez Duitama/

6. Chile: Condorito and his Contribution to Humanity - Transmedia Archaeology and Latin American Identity
/– Inty Bachué Buelvas Diaz/

7. Colombia: Ugly Betty, Melodrama and Transmedia Storytelling - A Case Study
/– Diana Giraldo/

8. Mexico: Approaching the Fictional Universe of “Chespirito” and its Impact on the Development of Fan Culture
/– Natalia Palacio Vásquez/

9. Mexico: The Saint and Lucha Libre in Mexico - A Transmedia Story
/– María Paola Aguilar & Andrés Felipe Giraldo/

10. Conclusions: Latin America, the Land of Mestizo Narratives
/– Esteban Morales Velásquez/

/Published by EAFIT University Press, the book is open access and can be read in full (in Spanish) via the following link:/

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