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[ecrea] CFR: Crowdfunding and Academic Research

Wed Jul 22 02:12:00 GMT 2015

The MediaCommons Front Page Collective welcomes responses to our field
guide survey question: /What are the potential implications of
crowdfunding for academic research and teaching?/

This survey question seeks to explore the intersection of crowdfunding
and academics. As traditional channels of funding continue to narrow
making it increasingly difficult to commit to, and complete, academic
research projects, the utilization of crowdfunding has become useful way
to counter this trend. The use of crowdfunding platforms opens the door
to both new opportunities and innovation, as well as concerns of
academic integrity. What implications does crowdfunding have for
academic institutions? What types of ethical concerns arise with
crowdfunded research? Does crowdfunding ultimately foster a more open
environment for academics, creating new opportunities for
interdisciplinary freedom?

Responses may include, but are not limited to:

/Ethical Vulnerabilities/

/Academic Integrity/

/Research Transparency/

/The Publication Process/

/New Models for Community Engagement/

/Expansion and Contraction of What Counts as Research and Scholarly

/Funding Challenges and New Opportunities For Research/

/Innovative Pedagogy /

/Neo-liberalism and Academic Culture/

The project will run from *September 8 - 25th*. Responses are 400-600
words and typically focus on introducing topics and questions designed
to engender larger discussions with the hope of engaging interested
readers and authors in networked conversation. Proposals may be brief (a
few sentences) and should state your topic and approach. You may submit
as an individual or offer up a special cluster of responses with others.
Submit proposals to /d//(gehr001 /at/ <mailto:(gehr001 /at/>/ by
*August 17th* to be considered for inclusion in this project.

In case you are unfamiliar with MediaCommons, we are an experimental
project created in 2006 by Drs. Kathleen Fitzpatrick and Avi Santo,
seeking to envision how a born-digital scholarly press might
re-conceptualize both the processes and end-products of scholarship.
MediaCommons was initially developed in collaboration with the Institute
for the Future of the Book through a grant from the MacArthur Foundation
and is currently supported by New York University’s Digital Library
Technology Services through funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
and the National Endowment for the Humanities. The site regularly
receives tens of thousands of unique readers a month. The Field Guide,
previously called the Front Page Survey, solicits short posts from
diverse scholars that address broad concerns and new directions for
research, pedagogy, and publishing in a digital age.

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