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[ecrea] CFP - film-philosophy: prospects, directions and new perspectives

Thu Jul 16 17:21:53 GMT 2015


January 5-7, 2016
Film and Television Department
Tel Aviv University

CFP: Interdisciplinary conference on new perspectives and directions in
Much has been learned from, and many interesting avenues for rethinking
the interconnections between and among film studies and philosophy have
been opened by, the burst of interest in “film-philosophy” over the past
two decades. Calling upon philosophical and critical resources culled
from both disciplines, this vibrant and still-emerging field presents an
agenda for the kind of work for which we hope to provide a platform
here: research that combines a careful and astute critique of objects of
profound aesthetic appreciation with a rich and disciplined application
of the methods of philosophical argumentation. We aim to expand this
body of work by bringing together leading and emerging scholars and
filmmakers to investigate together the significance of the objective
phenomenon of the moving image and its subjective experience in order
that we might enhance ongoing dialogues both within film studies and
philosophical aesthetics individually and also between these discourses.

Such an engagement is especially timely and topical because of the
pressing need to reconfigure the now maturing notion of
“film-philosophy” with respect to these disciplines from which it was
born and which it brings together. All too often, film-philosophers find
themselves responding to a theoretical legacy in which the conceptual is
deified and the image abjected. We aim, among other things, to deepen
film-philosophy by challenging this legacy from multiple perspectives.
 From film studies, we wish to examine how both recent cinematic
practice and its theoretical reception shed new light on the status of
the cinematic image as an object of (subjective) experience and
thinking. From within the history of philosophy, we wish to investigate
the status of “the moving image” as a phenomenon within philosophical
aesthetics, so as to reformulate the relation between image and language
as objects of analysis.

We welcome a range of papers which might be conceptual and theoretical
or practice-as-research in orientation. We are interested in papers, for
example, in the following broad areas:

•Filmmaking and film analysis in the age of film-philosophy.
•Filmmaking as philosophical practice.
•Rethinking objections to the idea of philosophy through film.
•The difference between film theory and philosophy of film in film studies.
•New technologies and their effect on philosophizing cinema (CGI, 3D,
VOD, etc).
•Film theory in the age of film-philosophy.
•Specific genres and types pertained to philosophy (documentary, horror,
•Essay films and installation essays as philosophy.
•Individual filmmakers as “film-philosophy” auteurs.
We are also open to topics that include (but are not limited to):

•Film-philosophy methodologies: between theory and practice.
•Authorship, spectatorship and narrative.
•Film and ethics.
•Film, ontology and epistemology.
•Specific concepts and metaphysics (time, memory, subjectivity, the real).
•Film theory in the age of posthumanism.
•Film and phenomenology.
•Re-thinking cinema along the “film-philosophy” lines.


Send an Abstract (up to 500 words in length, including the research
objectives, theoretical framework and methodology) and a brief Bio-CV
(100 words maximum), by August 1st, 2015 to (taufilmphilosophy /at/
<mailto:(taufilmphilosophy /at/>. Each proposal must include title,
name(s), affiliation, and email addresses of the author(s). Notification
of acceptance/rejection of abstracts will be sent by September 1st, 2015.
Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by participants.

For further enquiries, please contact the organizers: Dr. Shai Biderman
((bidermans /at/ <mailto:(bidermans /at/>) or Dr. Ohad
Landesman ((lander /at/ <mailto:(lander /at/>).

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