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[ecrea] new book: Communication Shock!

Mon Jul 13 14:42:12 GMT 2015

COMMUNICATION SHOCK! The Rhetoric of New Technology
Cambridge Scholars Publishing
2015, 210 pages

After about three years of painstaking research, Professor Stephen A.
Smith and I have finally released our socio-technological opus on
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, titled: COMMUNICATION SHOCK! The Rhetoric
of New Technology.


In the spirit of Alvin Toffler’s acclaimed works peering into the future
of the technological society, Communication Shock is a concise history
of communication technologies and an exploration of the possible social
and human impacts of nanotechnology on the ecology of human
communication. As we become increasingly more networked with
communication technologies, we must come to understand and confront the
social impact of these changes. More importantly, we must wisely choose
in embracing or rejecting these technologies and exploring how we might
do both by striking an appropriate balance.

Grounded in communication theory and praxis, Communication Shock brings
some objectivity to the discussion of technology, maps its development,
and encourages a rational conversation about its potential problems and
promise. It challenges readers to reach their own conclusions – about
the future, imagined and unimaginable, about the fundamental values in
conflict, and how one might choose to embrace or contest them to
maintain individual autonomy in the face of increasingly ubiquitous
marketing and technological change.

Present and emerging communications technologies hold the promise for a
bold new future, but they also have their inherent risks and drawbacks.
Communication shock is the human response, conscious or unconscious,
wherein the individual chooses to resist the growing pervasiveness of
technology in his or her life by seeking ways to reduce or redirect new
technologies or to reject the addition of such technologies altogether.
Here is a framework for understanding the potential of the evolving
technologies, determining which are essential and which are distractions
from the life that one believes to be meaningful, and making informed
choices for the life one wishes to live.

*Ty Adams*is Professor of Mass Communication and Multimedia at the Gulf
University for Science and Technology, Mishref, Kuwait. He previously
was Vice Dean of Academic Affairs of the University of Business and
Technology (UBT) at Jeddah College of Advertising, Saudi Arabia; Vice
President of Academic Affairs of Kazakhstan Institute of Management at
Economics, and Strategic Research University (KIMEP University), Almaty, Kazakhstan; and Professor of Communication at the University of
Louisiana-Lafayette. He received his PhD from The Florida State University.

*Stephen A. Smith* is Professor of Communication at the University of
Arkansas. He has been a Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford, the
University of Cambridge, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton
University, and the University of Wisconsin; a Visiting Scholar at
Stanford Law School; and a Visiting Professor of Rhetoric and
Communication Studies at the University of Virginia. He received his PhD
from Northwestern University.


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