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[ecrea] New book on media ethics

Wed Jul 08 17:52:26 GMT 2015

/'Media Ethics and Justice in the Age of Globalization'/ (Palgrave
Shakuntala Rao & Herman Wasserman (eds).


1. Introduction
Shakuntala Rao & Herman Wasserman

2. The moral priority of globalism in a media-saturated world
Stephen J A Ward

3. Global justice and civil society
Clifford G Christians

4. Social justice and citizenship in South Africa: the media's role
Herman Wasserman

5. Paying for journalism: an ethics-based and collaborative business model
Lee Wilkins

6. New for sale: 'paid news', media ethics, and India's democratic
public sphere
Vipul Mudgal

7. Practices of Indian journalism: justice, ethics, and globalization
Shakuntala Rao

8. Justice as an Islamic journalistic value and goal
Mohammad I Ayish

9. Rammohun Roy's idea of 'public good' in the early days of journalism
ethics in India.
Prasun Sonwalkar

10. The chief and the channels: how satellite television sparked a
social movement for the 'rule of law' that is restructuring political
power in Pakistan
Shahan Mufti

11. The changing structure of media and ethics in India
Bharat Bhushan

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