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[ecrea] CFP: Together While Apart: Mediating Relationships

Wed Jul 08 11:13:08 GMT 2015

CFP: Together While Apart: Mediating Relationships

Special Issue of MeCCSA Networking Knowledge, ISSN: 1755-9944

Dates of Submission

Abstract: 1st of September (150w)

Full Article: 15th of November (6000w)

*>> Together While Apart: Mediating Relationships <<*

_*Objective of the Special Issue*_

This special issue of /Networking Knowledge/ seeks to empirically
explore how interpersonal relationships and affect are mediated in
contemporary contexts. Digital technologies and the practices associated
to them enable us to interact with our affective networks in a seemingly
easy way: we just need to use the touch of a finger to show that we care.

Visual media, especially photographic forms, are of particular relevance
in practices of affective communication, as they enhance communication
and afford the emergence of shared spaces of (social) co-presence and
ambient intimacy.

While recent empirical research tends to focus on how mediatization
impacts on political, religious and collective senses of belonging,
(such as nation and ethnicity), interpersonal relationships and more
private (while still intersubjective) cultures of mediatization have
received less attention within media and communication studies.

We are interested in empirical studies on mediations of everyday life,
particularly visual practices and routines, as well as the aesthetics
and audiences at play. Our main focus is how relationships, intimacy and
affect can be constituted and negotiated through (visual) media.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

-          Affective / ubiquitous media and networked intimacies

-          Creating and negotiating affect over space, particularly at
sites of mediation

-          Affordances, agency and authorship

-          Pictorial practices in communities of affect, such as with
photo-sharing (apps)

-          Technologies and aesthetics of propinquity, presence and absence

-          Love and conflict in intimate relationships, such as dating
(apps), sexting, and the commodification of intimacy

-          gender-/generation-/age-/culture-specific practices of
connectivity / mobility

-          Comparative analysis of past and present practices of
networked affect

We welcome research undertaken within classical methodological means,
such as ethnography, content analysis and semiotics, but also innovative
approaches like participatory research, narrative inquiry, visual
sociology, etc.

*_Submission Procedure_*

-          1st of Sep 2015 – deadline for abstract submission

-          15th of November 2015 – deadline for full article submission

-          November to December 2015 – peer-review process

-          10th of February 2015 – deadline for submission of final
version of articles after the peer-review process

-          15th of March 2015 – deadline for submission of video
abstracts (not mandatory but highly encouraged). See examples here:

-          April 2016 – publication of the special issue


Patricia Prieto-Blanco, Huston School of Film and Digital Media,
National University of Ireland Galway, (patriciaprietoblanco /at/
<mailto:(patriciaprietoblanco /at/>

Maria Schreiber, Department of Communications, University of Vienna,
Austria, (maria.schreiber /at/ <mailto:(maria.schreiber /at/>

*_Journal Description_*

This is the official publication of the MeCCSA Postgraduate Network. It
is an indexed, peer-reviewed journal run exclusively by, and featuring
content solely from, postgraduate and early career researchers. The
Network brings together around 400 postgraduate and early-career
researchers in the fields of media, communications, and cultural
studies. The aim of Networking Knowledge is to provide a space where the
best work of this thriving postgraduate community can be showcased. This
journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle
that making research freely available to the public supports a greater
global exchange of knowledge.

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