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[ecrea] Call for Papers: Communication Papers. Gender and Newsroom Culture

Wed Jul 08 09:41:45 GMT 2015

*/Communication Papers: Media Literacy & Gender Studies /*
*Gender and Newsroom Culture *
*Vol. 4, No 7, December 2015*
*Submission Deadline: November 15th, 2015*

Editor: Carmen Echazarreta ((carmen.echazarreta /at/
<mailto:(carmen.echazarreta /at/>)
Assistant Editor: Marc Blasco ((mbdudis /at/ <mailto:(mbdudis /at/>)
Scientific Coordinator: Nuria Fernandez-Garcia ((nurfergar /at/
<mailto:(nurfergar /at/>)

Communication Papers journal invites submissions for its next issue
whose current title is "Gender and Newsroom Culture".

The 7th issue of the Communication Papers journal focuses on the
relationship between gender and newsroom culture. Gender equality in the
media industry is a significant concern for many people working in the
industry, for professional media organizations and for gender advocacy.
According to a report about gender equality in decision-making in media
organizations (European Institute for Gender Equality, 2013): gender
inequalities in top-level decision-making roles in media organizations
remain prevalent, there is a slow progress in implementing gender
equality measures in the media sector, there is a domination of men at
the top of the media organizations, the mechanisms promoting gender
equality are scarce in media organizations; the existence of
gender-equality policies in media organizations might be beneficial to
advancing women in decision-making positions, and professional media
associations play a crucial role in the promotion of gender equality in
the media. These and other issues will be the focus of the next issue of
Communication Papers.


Topics may include but are not limited to:

  * Gender inequalities in the media sector
  * Participation of women in media organizations (traditional media,
    online, digital media)
  * Hierarchical / sectoral segregation and the glass ceiling
  * Barriers for women in newsrooms
  * Masculine culture in newsrooms
  * Gender equality policies and measures in media organizations
  * Media organization’s ethical standards and norms
  * The role of media regulation against gender discrimination in the media
  * Journalistic ethics and women’s representation in journalism
  * New trends in media and gender equality
  * Impact of the changing working conditions in journalism on the
    barriers for female journalists
  * Women empowerment through the Information and Communication
    Technologies (ICTs)


Only original and unpublished proposals will be considered. Articles
must respect the rules of APA style. Each manuscript should be between
7,000 and 8,500 words in main text and 200 words in abstract. All
submissions will be blind-refereed. Complete manuscripts should be ready
for peer review by November 15th. Publication is due for December 2015.
Submission in the web sites the manuscript by the standard template of
the journal. Include one separate little page containing title,
author/s, affiliation/s and the address, phone, and email of the lead
author. Manuscripts can be written in Catalan, Eusquera, Spanish,
English, Portuguese, French and Italian.

Please, submit manuscripts to the Communication Papers website at: <>

You can download the standard template for articles in:


· Submission Deadline: *_November 15th, 2015_*

· Date of Publication: December 22nd, 2015

Please, feel free to circulate this call to other people that might have
an interest to contribute.

You can contact me with any queries at the below email address.

Kind regards,

Nuria Fernandez-Garcia
(nurfergar /at/ <mailto:(nurfergar /at/>
Scientific Coordinator, /Communication Papers/

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