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[ecrea] new ECREA Summer School book - "Journalism, Representation and the Public Sphere"

Mon Jul 06 12:43:51 GMT 2015

We're pleased to announce that our new ECREA Summer School book is out.

This year's volume is entitled "Journalism, Representation and the Public Sphere" (Bremen: edition lumière). It is edited by Leif Kramp, Nico Carpentier, Andreas Hepp, Richard Kilborn, Risto Kunelius, Hannu Nieminen, Ilija Tomanic, Ebba Sundin and Tobias Olsson.

The main focus of “Journalism, Representation and the Public Sphere” is dedicated to the fundamental question: How do journalism, the various representations and public spheres of European cultures and societies change? This volume consists of the intellectual work of the 2014 European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School, organized in cooperation with the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) at the ZeMKI, the Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research of the University of Bremen, Germany. The chapters cover relevant research topics, structured into four sections: “Journalism and the News Media”, “Representation and Everyday Life”, “Public Sphere, Space and Politics”, “Rethinking Media Studies” and “Academic Practice”.

Contributors are (in alphabetical order): Bertrand Cabedoche, Nico Carpentier, Andreas Hepp, François Heinderyckx, Magnus Hoem Iversen, Leif Kramp, Katrin Laas-Mikko, Maria Murumaa-Mengel, Georgina Newton, Hannu Nieminen, Alexandra Polownkikow, Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, Irena Reifová, Maria Schreiber, Saiona Stoian, Ebba Sundin, Simone Tosoni and Eimante Zolubiene. The book additionally contains abstracts of 41 doctoral projects that were discussed at the 2014 European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School.

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Below, you'll find the Table of Contents.


Introduction: Researching the transformation of societal self-understanding
Leif Kramp, Nico Carpentier and Andreas Hepp


SECTION ONE: Journalism and the news media

The rumbling years: The communicative figurations approach as a heuristic concept to study – and shape – the transformation of journalism
Leif Kramp

New challenges for journalism education: A contribution to Unesco politics
Bertrand Cabedoche

Risk discourse in news media: Power to define danger?
Eimante Zolubiene

SECTION TWO: Representation and everyday life

The role of media content in everyday life: To confirm the nearby world and to shape the world beyond our reach
Ebba Sundin

Media representations of suffering and mobility: Mapping humanitarian imaginary through changing patterns of visibility
Saiona Stoian

“The smartphone is my constant companion“: Digital photographic practices and the elderly
Maria Schreiber

SECTION THREE: Public sphere, spaces and politics

Bringing qualities back in: Towards a new analytical approach for examining the transnationalization of public sphere
Alexandra Polownikow

Three levels of the crisis of the media – and a way out
Hannu Nieminen

Beyond space and place: The challenge of urban space to urban media studies
Simone Tosoni

Employing a rhetorical approach to the practice of audience research on political communication
Magnus Hoem Iversen

SECTION FOUR: Rethinking media studies

Socialist feminism and media studies: An outdated theory or contemporary debate?
Georgina Newton

Theoretical framework for the study of memory in old and new media age
Irena Reifová

“I Have Nothing to Hide”: a Coping Strategy in a Risk Society
Maria Murumaa-Mengel, Katrin Laas-Mikko, and Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt

SECTION Five: Academic practice

Recognizing difference in academia: The sqridge as a metaphor for agonistic interchange
Nico Carpentier

A practical guide to using visuals to enhance oral presentations in an academic context
François Heinderyckx

The digitization of science: Remarks on the alteration of academic practice
Leif Kramp

The European Media and Communication Research Doctoral Summer School 2014 and its participants

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