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[ecrea] new issue - Journal of Fandom Studies 3.2

Fri Jul 03 19:12:04 GMT 2015

Intellect is delighted to announce the new issue of */Journal of Fandom
Studies 3.2/*. This issue includes various different articles that
explore topic and themes ranging from the fandom of Carl Sagan to mail
art and fan clubs in the 1970s.

To access the journal click on the link below.

To find out more about the journal click below

*Summary of articles (selected only)*

*‘What Would Sagan Do?’1: The fandom and anti-fandom of Carl Sagan
pp. 135-150(16)
*Author:*/Lachney, Michael/

This innovative article questions the ways in which Carl Sagan fans and
anti-fans can be understood within a larger participatory science
culture by using Jonathan Gray’s theory of paratextuality.

*Everybody’s bi in the future: Constructing sexuality in the Star Trek
Reboot fandom
pp. 195-210(16)
*Author:*/Coker, Cait/


/Coker’s insightful article provides an overview of the history of
//Star Trek// slash and investigates how the introduction of Reboot
pairing in fandom takes on historic resonances, rewrites historic
characterizations and introduces new genres./


*Mad Men fans speak via social media: What fan voices reveal about the
social construction of reality via dramatic fiction
pp. 151-170(20)
*Authors:*/Dill-Shackleford, Karen E.; Hopper-Losenicky, Kristin;
Vinney, Cynthia; Swain, Lisa F.; Hogg, Jerri Lynn/


/This article brilliantly analyses the psychology of how fans of //Mad
Men// construct social realities via online discussions of some of the
major relationships and storylines on the show./

*Fannies and fanzines: Mail art and fan clubs in the 1970s
pp. 171-193(23)
*Author:*/Olds, Kirsten/


/This article observes and explores the rise of a particular types of
fan club – the fan club as an artistic form and addresses why the fan
club became a popular format for artists to appropriate in the 1970s in
the US and Canada./

This brilliant new issue concludes with two reviews on /Fandom, Image
and Authenticity: Joy Devotion /and/ the Second Lives of Kurt Cobain and
Ian Curtis and Cult collectors: Nostalgia, Fandom and Collecting Popular


/To find out more about the journal or if you have any more questions
please email (eden /at/ <mailto:(eden /at/>/


Kind regards,


*Eden Joseph | Marketing Assistant*

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