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[ecrea] CFP Media Ownership and Financing Transparency

Thu Jul 02 02:21:33 GMT 2015

CFP: Media Ownership and Financing Transparency

Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom/RSC Working Paper Series:

‘Freedom and Pluralism of the Media, Society and Markets’

The Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom (CMPF) at the Robert
Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS) - European University
Institute (EUI) is inviting submissions for its working paper series
entitled 'Freedom and Pluralism of the Media, Society and Markets'.

The Working Paper Series benefits from contributions from the Centre’s
fellows as well as from leading scholars and experienced practitioners
interested in and focused on the subject matter. The Working Papers
Series aims at assessing theoretical issues, specific policies, and
regulatory questions. The selection of the Working Papers takes place
following a peer-review process.

Submissions should address novel research in the field of Media
Ownership and Financing Transparency, from any relevant discipline (e.g.
law, economy, political science, media studies etc.). Papers focusing on
these issues in the context of online and digital media are particularly
welcome. Some potential questions we are looking to address include, but
are not restricted to:

1. Ownership

Which factors lead to market concentration? How can we measure it? How
can we explain it? How, if at all, should we deal with concentrated
media markets? Politicians as media owners – risks and challenges? Who
is a better master – the state or corporations – and why?

2. Transparency

How can the transparency of media ownership be best ensured? What are
the most common/original practices in hiding media ownership structures?
Who owns the media – do we know? How, if at all, is transparency of
media ownership connected to the trust in the media? How, if at all,
should we deal with non-transparent media markets?

3. Digital environment

What are the challenges of measuring media concentration in a digital
environment? In what ways might the ownership of internet service
providers matter? How, if at all, online and digital media affect media
concentration? What are the new challenges of researching media
ownership in the digital age?

Selected papers are published both in paper and in digital copy on the
EUI Repository webpage.

Papers must be submitted by 1st September 2015 to: (cmpf /at/

The Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom is co-funded by the
European Commission and its mission is to enhance the quality of the
reflection on freedom and pluralism of media in Europe and to provide
knowledge support to European and national policy and rule-making
processes. The Centre will pursue its mission through its various
activities including: theoretical and applied research, debates,
education and training activities (Academic Seminars and Summer School)
and dissemination of results. Further information at:

In order to discuss further the fit of your paper in the working paper
series, or if you have any further inquiries, please contact the Centre
at: (cmpf /at/

More information available at:

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